So, What’s The Deal With Spray On Condoms?

What’s the most awkward part of love-making?

It’s not when your dude cums from dry-humping, or when you queef mid-reverse cowgirl. It’s when you have to stop and grab a condom.

At best, your dude has the condoms right at his nightstand and he can quickly grab one and slide it on while you play with yourself in the meantime. At worst, you are finally ready to get some D when he realizes he left his condoms in his other jeans, and you can’t even have sex after all.

Girlplay is trying to change sex for the better with their spray-on condoms and “lover’s kit.”

Designed by Pratt student Michele Chu, the spray-on condom is “aimed at bold and daring women, changing the whole experience of love-making. It produces a line of spray-on condoms that uses the latest technology to fit each and every size, for both male and female. These spray-on condoms are made for the perfect fit, and function like spray-on bandages in the marketplace today.”

The Girlplay lover’s kit even includes a remote-control bra (perfect for when you’re hooking up with a clumsy idiot) and settings to decide on the flavor and type of condom that is created from the spray.

This idea did sound a little too good to be true, and we had some questions. First off, a spray-bottle seems a little awkward to be carrying around. Why do people assume that we’re always having sex in our bedrooms? Maybe they’re classier than me, or maybe they’ve just never had the pleasure of having sex in public or in a five-star restaurant’s bathroom.

Either way, I did some research, and Medical Daily also had some qualms with the spray-on condom (nothing about sex in public though, surprisingly). They pointed out an important, but overlooked, part of the condom design: the user has to wait two minutes after spraying the liquid. Two whole minutes?! While that seems like no time at all when you’re on your lunch break, it seems like a hell of a long time when you’re anticipating an orgasm, especially for a dude. Traditional condoms might slow things down, but this condom spray might actually be even worse. Secondly, it is still unclear how a liquid spray could prevent pregnancy. Protection from STD’s is certainly important, but I’m not trying to have a baby anymore than I’m trying to get herpes.

Seems like spray-on condoms are just like that hot “doctor” you matched with on Tinder; better in theory than in reality.


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