So…How Do You Properly End a Date?

Our generation aren’t exactly dating pros. Expert sexters? Maybe. Masters at the clandestine booty call? Definitely. But dating? No way. This might be due to the fact that half of us hardly go on real dates anymore. Sh*t, I mean, what even is a real date anymore?

Regardless, if you have had the luxury of being on a real live date (I’ve heard they’re quite rare these days), you probably still have a lot of questions. Do you offer to pay? How dressed up is too dressed up? Is it okay to go home with a dude on a first date?

How about, when does a date end?

It seems like an easy question. And maybe it is, if you do something simple, like go to dinner or see a movie. But even on dates that seem to have a clear beginning and end, things can get a bit muddled. What if you have a great dinner, and your date asks if you want to go grab a drink afterwards? Or if you’ve gone to a movie and now your date wants to go on a “walk” (otherwise known as making out in between bushes)?

This situation can be a bit awkward. If you aren’t into the dude, you probably don’t really care about dipping out in a less than graceful manner. But what if you actually do like the dude and you just really need this date to end by 10:30 so you can still have time to meet your friends in line at the club?

Well, there are a couple ways to tackle this. First off, if you know that you’re going to need to leave the date at a certain time, you should tell him right off the bat. The sooner you get it out of the way, the less awkward it’s going to be later. Besides, it’ll be kind of sad if he had some romantic finale to the date planned and you end up ruining it (although the only romantic finale he probably has in mind is his dick in your mouth).

If you don’t have real plans after your date, but are just getting tired/hungry/ need to get home and feed you cat, there are a couple options.

First off, remember that you don’t owe a dude anything. If you agreed to dinner and you stayed for dinner, you’re fine. If you agreed to go see Star Wars and didn’t dip halfway through the movie, good job! You didn’t sign a contract in blood that your at your date’s mercy for the rest of the night. While he’s obviously hoping that the date will end in his bed, that’s not always going to happen.

You shouldn’t feel rude about ending a date if you’re ending it at the right time, but if you can’t bring it upon yourself, the best way is to decide on an end time before you head out (e.g.: “Yeah I’m free Sunday afternoon anytime before 5.”)

Otherwise, just keep it classy. Thank the guy for taking you out, and explain that you have to get home. It’s really as simple as that. Any decent dude is going to understand that he can’t hold you hostage all day/night and that you have other sh*t to do (besides him, that is).


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