Snoop Dogg Announces New Weed Lifestyle Website, And 6 Other Celeb Sites We Love

Snoop Dogg and weed are about as synonymous as you can get, and the marijuana evangelist is taking his love digital, announcing his new venture, Merry Jane, a lifestyle website dedicated to—you guessed it—smoking weed every day. Snoop describes the site as “A crossroads of pot culture, business, politics, health.”

According to TIME, the site will include original content like edible cooking shows, guides to choosing the right strain, and an interview series called Deflowered, on which smokers will chronicle their first time experiences. You can also expect to see fellow stoners like Miley Cyrus and Seth Rogan making cameos on Merry Jane. It doesn’t launch until October, but head over the to site to sign up for a chance to be a beta tester – you might be one of the lucky 420 chosen.  Merry Jane  isn’t Snoops first foray into digital media, and he’s certainly not the first celebrity to branch out, check out some fellow celebs sites while you wait for the drop.

1. Golf Media“Basically my brain, in one place.” is how Tyler, The Creator describes his app, or as his manager elaborated to The Fader, “It’s a bunch of different things that are original, curated and constantly changing. Original series, content, live streaming, radio, tour stuff, golf wang, interactive and whatever other buzzwords that sound mildly annoying and marketing-like.” Golf Media is another way to stay updated on the rapper, who knows what he’ll put out next.

2. TheKylieJennerThe newest and highly anticipated app from the recent Galore cover girl, Kylie’s app features photos, videos, beauty tips, and outfit details, but don’t worry, Kim, Khloé, Kendall have their own offerings too.

3. AmoreAndVitaShay Mitchell, another Galore Cover Girl and star of Pretty Little Liars,  and her best friend Michaela Blaney teamed up to share their thoroughly photogenic lives and interests. With posts divided into tags like “Enlighten”, “Dine” and “Sip” Mitchell and Blaney give insights on how to make your life a little more Instagram worth daily.

4. TomboyKCKatie Cassidy is definitely way cooler than the psycho character Juliet Sharp she played on gossip girl. Her site TomboyKC, another one run by besties, features profiles on a range of creatives, including designers, actors, and a “director of vibe”, along with the requisite posts on fashion, beauty and life updates.

5. LaurenConradMoving on from her reality star persona, Lauren Conrad’s eponymous site is everything girly and sweet that you would expect. She also has an advice column with tips on working in the fashion industry and inescapable boy problems. Fashion, beauty, fitness, food, design, and books are all posted about in her signature aesthetic.

6. GoopThe OG celebrity lifestyle site, GOOP was started by Gwenyth Paltrow, and set the standard for sharing recipes, travel, style discoveries, and advice from friends and experts. Now it’s grown to into a complete lifestyle brand, with an immaculately curated shop and cult following, but still stays true to it’s original mission.

Snoop Dogg, 2015. Feature photo courtesy of Forbes.

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