Snoh Tells Us How To Not Look Emotional

Snoh Aalegra is quickly climbing in the music world. She just released her music video for her brand new RZA-produced single “Emotional,” and let me tell you, she truly lets it all out. You can sense Snoh’s natural ability to express herself through the video and it’s quite beautiful. Snoh definitely exudes confidence: she doesn’t care who is watching as long as they are listening to her, and I think that’s what makes her so special. There’s something rather uplifting about seeing somebody release all of their pain, so I decided to sit down with her to figure how she does it while looking so STUNNING. See her tips on how to NOT be emotional below!

How can our Galore Girls feel better from negative EMOTIONS?

1. Go and have some dessert! Food makes me happy and I promise chocolate is going to make you happy. Oh, if you’re in LA and you want Swedish candy, go to Sockerbit on 3rd Street. I promise it’s amazing, Swedish chocolate is everything.

2. Go workout! That is the best way to release all of your tension. If you just sweat it all out and get really tired, you’ll feel better right away.

3. Organize your life! When I’m really angry or emotional, I tend to do a major cleanup at home. It will distract you from thinking about what’s making you upset and you can stay focused on what’s important and make room for all the new stuff.

Any tips on ways to cover up your tears?

Buy waterproof eye makeup! Dior Blackout Waterproof Mascara & Liner is my favorite. Always carry makeup remover. I love using the NARS makeup remover.

What was your favorite part about filming this video?

I actually had the worst flu of my life while filming, so that mixed with the feelings of my four year long relationship ending made the entire process EXTREMELY emotional for me. I was feeling every single lyric in the song and I cried in the video. So to answer your question, my favorite part of the video was my ability to be free. I got to be completely free. If you watch it, you’ll see that I went crazy [Laughs].

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