Sneak Your Weed Into Festivals With These Cute Smell-Proof Bags

The most stressful thing about any festival experience is making sure you can sneak your weed in. Alcohol too, but at least if you get busted for your Smirnoff-filled water bottle, you can buy a drink at the festival (or some rando old guy to buy it for you).

Well, be a weed worrier no more! There are actually a bunch of cute bags designed for hiding (and hiding the smell of) your weed. When I say cute, I mean actually cute, not tie-dye drug-rug lewks, I swear.

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Just look at this bag by Annabís:


The Chelsea, $150

Would you ever expect that the whole bottom half of the bag zips off and is basically a personal weed supply stash? Me neither, but it’s true. Just check out the vid that displays how the bag works:

The bag doesn’t come with the containers, but if you’re a seasoned stoner we’re sure you have your own. If you’re looking for something small just to bring a couple of nugs and rolling papers in, maybe something like this little “cosmetics” case from Erbanna will do the trick?

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Chrissy–Snake, $40

Or maybe, a cute little backpack for all your concert necessities, plus a weed storage pouch in the bottom


Kate – Snake, $79

But if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how smell-proof these bags really are, right? Well, bloggers who have tried the bags themselves say it even masked the enticing smell of McDonald’s French Fries, which is impressive af.

Then, we tried these bags ourselves, and they’re literally everything a chic stoner could ever want. Because plastic baggies are so reminiscent of high school and smoking weed out of an apple in your parents’ basement. Not memories we’d like to reminisce on, ya feel?

Obviously, the serious security guards at festivals will probably ask to see what’s in the bags, but all you have to do is throw some tampons on top and they’ll be none the wiser. Or, with ones like the backpack, there’s a good chance they won’t even realize there’s a second opening on the bottom.

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Also, the selection of bags from both brands are totally cute enough to use on a regular basis, even for the times when you’re not trying to sneak a couple blunts into Afropunk.

Now, go forth, chic stoner.

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