Snapchat Struggles That Every Girl Faces

As if life, dating, etc. wasn’t a struggle enough, now we have a thousand apps to broadcast our mistakes to. Being a girl on snapchat is a blessing and a curse, but these moments are all the worst.

When your crush snaps you, but you look like shit:
Ah, the ultimate bittersweet moment, when the guy you’re digging snaps you, but you have just washed your face, put your hair in a big ol’ bun, and gotten into bed. Do you spend the next five minutes trying to get a selfie at an angle that doesn’t make you look like the walking dead? Do you open the snapchat and vow to remember to respond in the morning (if not, I guess you’re playing hard to get right), when you’re done up? Best maneuver in my opinion is to not open the snap until you’re ready to respond, but sometimes I just can’t take the suspense. After all, he could be professing his undying love for you with a shirtless pic?


Drunk Snap-chatting:
After waking up hung-over, the first thing you must do is check your drunk texts, and then check your snapchat. That video you took of you lip-syncing to “Black Widow” in the cab home and posted to your story? Yeah, not quite as cute as you thought it was. Thankfully snapchat allows you to delete stuff from your story, but not before at least 100 of your friends have already seen it.


Forgetting what you sent:
While we’re on the subject of drunk snap-chatting, the only thing worse than a drunken post to your story is when you see that you sent snapchats last night to a certain someone when you were hammered and you can’t even tell what they were! You can only pray that when they opened it they were equally drunk, but if you got a little too wasted on Tequila Tuesday, chances are they’re just opening it the morning after and laughing at you.


Best Friends:
Pretty sure everyone faces this problem no matter who you are. If you’re like me, the people I end up snap-chatting the most are my guy friends, but when a guy I’m into adds me on snapchat and sees that all my “best friends” are dudes, he probably assumes I’m handing out titty-pics on the regular. On the opposite end of things, if you’re nosy enough to check out your crushes “best friends” (just don’t) you’re probably going to assume the worst if you see another chick in there.


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