Snapchat + Sinning = Meet Your New Priest

Snapchat has taken our generation by storm, there’s no denying it. Instead of asking you for your number, guys ask for your snapchat, and you always know your BFF’s whereabouts through her “story.”

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Something that has been dying in our generation more and more it seems, is religion. Although there are many people that consider themselves religious, we’re so busy we can’t seem to find the time to go to church every Sunday.

So, why am I connecting Snapchat and Religion? Because now you can confess your sins via Snapchat. Yep, you heard me correctly. @PriestDavid will be listening to your confessions on snapchat from now until March 16, just in time for Lent (because we all know your resolution to give up chocolate has nothing to do with God).

Although some members of various Catholic churches absolutely do not support this form of confession, we still think God will give you an A for effort, right? Besides, we might not know what you did last weekend… but God definitely does….


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