Snap Pack Leader Andrew Warren Is Bringing Charity Back

Ah, the Snap Pack — that group of well-to-do New Yorkers who got their nickname from, what else, their proclivity for broadcasting all their Upper East Side shenanigans on social.

This group first came to prominence about a year ago, when the New York Times blessed them with the Snap Pack nickname. The core contingent is led by fashion designer Andrew Warren and includes Tiffany Trump, Reya Benitez, Kyra Kennedy and Gaia Matisse.

The Snap Pack was infamous from the jump, mostly because people love to hate on young rich hotties. And they became even more infamous when Andrew and Kyra decided to cyber-bully a New York Magazine reporter, like twisted real-life Gossip Girls.

Well, if you thought there was nothing more to these guys than selfies and cyber mischief, you might be irked to learn Andrew’s in the process of raising a f*ckton of money by being honored at a gala fundraiser at the Plaza for the cancer research charity City of Hope. Oh, and it’s being sponsored by Aston Martin and Lancôme, nbd.

This move feels like a pretty big deal, not just in terms of philanthropy but also youth culture — it’s been a while since socialites swarmed places like The Plaza for old-money style benefits like this one. Coachella parties and sponsored brand activations have proven to be more this generation’s speed. So can the leader of the Snap Pack really bring charity back?!

The jury’s still out on whether this’ll start a trend. We caught up with Andrew about the bash. We’re also going to the party ourselves, we’ll let you know how it is!

Andrew, it’s so great you’re using your platform to bring attention to cancer research. Do you think people are forgetting to be charitable these days? Why or why not?

I appreciate the compliment, I do not believe that people are forgetting to be charitable, but instead I believe many don’t realize the numerous ways they can be charitable; aside from the obvious option, donating money. With the expansion of social media, over the past decade, our generation is at the forefront of learning to make their voices heard across numerous platforms reaching thousands of people through social media.

Everyone loves bashing young people but here you are raising $$ for a good cause. Why do people love to call our generation selfish?! Do you think it’s true?

I think bashing anyone for anything they do with the money they earned is unjust, calling our generation selfish is a broad generalization and completely unfair. Although I do see so many opportunities with the rise of social media to be more charitable and more active for a good cause, I do not believe that our generation is inherently or intentionally selfish.

What’s the most over-the-top NYC high society event you’ve ever been to? Give us the deets!

Growing up in New York City my entire life there’s really so many over the top events that have been so enjoyable, there are really too many to chose from. The most beautiful event I have ever been to are Save Venice, which is a masquerade ball. The event is so incredibly creative. Everyone’s individuality really shows in their outfit choices and masks. Everyone wants to make a major fashion statement. Additionally the Winter Wonder Ball held at the Botanical Gardens is a  gorgeous winter gala.  The setting of the event really puts you in the holiday spirits and encourages everyone to be charitable and donate.

Charity galas have been the shit on the Upper East Side since the 90s but they attract an older crowd. Are you hoping to make charity chic for the Instagram generation? How can you accomplish this?

Being charitable isn’t something that should have to be portrayed as being “chic” to attract anyone who participates in it. Charity by definition is the act of giving with an expectation of return, this is something I believe my generation struggles with doing. I hope with my upcoming luncheon for the City of Hope, I will generate conversation amongst my peers about important issues we neglect to grapple with. I plan on getting the attention of my peers by making the fashion show I am presenting relatable, organic and obtainable. The models walking in the show are from all different backgrounds, which will help ensure that the broadest audience will be reached and made aware of the real issues at hand.

What’s the hardest part about putting a gala like this together? 

The hardest part about putting a gala like The City of Hope’s Spirit of Life luncheon is coordinating fittings for the models before the show. Since I am presenting this year’s Spirit of Life luncheon fashion show I have taken on the full responsibility of getting models, actresses, singers and social influencers together to stand as one and show that our generation too is united and understanding of the fact that disease like cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS are non-discriminatory and can affect anyone. An event like this for example I think first is about getting sponsorship. Once you have your cause it’s all about getting sponsors who want to be involved in the cause. For this event specifically I have gotten amazing hotels like the Lowell and Sixty Hotels to host the talent and then our regular event sponsors who have been so generous like Aston Martin and Lancôme.

What’s the secret to throwing a great party?

The secret to throwing a great party is a mixture of components. Of course you need to secure a great venue that will accommodate all the guest you invite. The company you keep is truly one of the biggest parts to throwing a successful party. Having proper food and beverages are also key in keeping people happy and entertained. All the best parties additionally incorporate multiple activities and giveaways for guests including photo booths, games, personalized items, gift bags, etc.

What’s the difference between hashtag activism and actually getting shit done?

The difference between #hashtag activism and actually getting shit done, is quite obvious I believe. The difference between hashtag activism and actually getting shit done, is, getting shit done. I have great respect for people who express themselves and their views through the use of hashtags, it is actually a smart and quick way to connect thousands of people with others who share the same interest. The only thing that bothers me is when people are falsely extreme on Instagram or Facebook in their views and do not abide by what they have been so passionate about in the real world.

What are some ways people can help the cause if they aren’t lucky enough to get invited to the gala?

There is always a way to help a charity prosper, in regard to this specific Spirit of Life luncheon, my line Just Drew NYC will be sold online and in Kyle by Alenee during and for a week after the show. 20% of proceeds will go towards the City of Hope.

We love the quote “there is no profit in curing the body if, in the process, we destroy the soul.” On a lighter note, what’s currently destroying your soul?

I find this quote extremely inspiring as well, my soul is not currently being “destroyed” per se by anything. But with each day, comes a new challenge and with each solution to each challenge comes a lesson. Life is a journey we all endeavor on, learning through experience

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