Is Snail Slime The Fountain Of Youth?

The newest craze in natural beauty products is snail slime, and yep, it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is: that mucus-like gook that leaks out from a slug’s underside.


Snail slime provides great results for your skin. It contains naturally-occuring elastin, enzymes, peptides and more that work together to reduce inflammation and redness, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and lock moisture into the skin. Although applying a glob of snail excretions onto your body sounds weird at first, the nutrients that are naturally in snail slime are usually added to other beauty products anyway (see, not that gross).

Using snail slime in beauty products is nothing new, in fact, it was used all the way back in ancient Greece. More recently, South Korean beauty gurus began using it in products again, renaming the slime names less, well… disgusting, like snail extract or snail mucin, which now have made their way into the American beauty market in cleansers, creams, wrinkle serums, and masks.



Snail slime is not recommended for people who have sensitive skin. But for anyone, like every product, test it out first on a small area of the skin before slathering it everywhere. And be patient, real results usually take a couple weeks to truly be noticeable.

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