Smooth Skin Solutions: 8 Products You Probably Don’t Know About

Summer has taken its toll on your skin, so it’s time to do some damage control. For the #GaloreGirls who are peeling, flaking, burning, or bumpy, we’ve rounded up the best exfoliator, body lotion, face cream, serum and more to help you get smooth again. Even better? You probably haven’t heard about some of these brands, but we’re not afraid to share our secret beauty products with you! For the touchably soft skin we know you need, start shopping.

1. Soften Her Exfoliating Pads

Galore Mag Soften Her

Whether you aim to scrub away dead skin or simply soften stubble, these exfoliating pads will do the job. Not only will it prevent any ingrown hairs, but it will make your skin feel soft and smooth.


2. Whish Body Wash in Key Lime

Galore Mag Whish

Whether you want to soak in the bath or lather up in the shower, this body wash will leave your skin feeling completely rejuvenated. The Key Lime flavor smells like heaven, but still makes you feel clean.


3. Vineyard Hill Body Lotion

Galore Mag Vineyard Hill

Many drugstore beauty shoppers go for the same old body cream, but this Milk & Honey body lotion is not to be missed out on. This all natural body cream targets the driest of the dry and restores hydration without leaving any greasy film.


4. MD Complete Restoring Cleanser

Galore Mag MD Complete

When your skin is dry, washing it tends to make it drier. But MD Complete offers a Restoring Cleanser that will actually add moisture to your skin. It’s strong enough to keep your skin clear, but sensitive enough to keep help restore your skin back to its pre-summer-sun days.


5. Skinn Cosmetics Collagenesis Serum

Galore Mag Skinn

This serum will reset your complexion smoothing process. It targets any unevenness your skin might be experiencing. You simply apply it in the evening before you apply your moisturizer and you’ll wakeup with brighter, healthier looking skin.


6. M Steves Multi Benefit Moisturizer

Galore Mag M Steves

Picking the perfect face lotion that will solve all your dry skin problems seems impossible, but it isn’t! M Steves power-packed moisturizer will make your skin feel renewed. Its soothing, hydrating formula will keep your skin soft all day. And if you use it at night? Well, you’ll wake up glowing.


7. Ayelet Naturals Geranium Orange Balancing Face Toner

Galore Mag Ayelet Naturals

This toner is essential to refreshing your skin. It hydrates the natural way, but it also removes any debris you don’t want on your skin. Its non-drying formula will tighten your pores without causing anymore damage.


8. Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream

Galore Mag Skyn

If your eyes are itchy and tired from the sun, this eye cream will offer you immediate relief. You can sleep with it on to help nourish your most sensitive areas, or you can apply it in the morning because it penetrates your skin deep enough that it won’t mess up your makeup.

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