Slutever On Selfies, Scrunchies & Sticker Obsessions

Our favorite BFF band babes Nicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi, aka Slutever, are killing it with their latest record of garage-pop madness on Almost Famous. Personally, we just want to be part of their girl gang ASAP. The besties dish about bringing back the ’90s, myspace profile songs and who they would recruit for a girl power caravan.

Galore Mag - Slutever - Almost Famous - Nicole Snyder -Rachel Gagliardi

What is something you will never apologize for?
Nicole: “Too many selfies” on my instagram
Rachel: My sticker obsession.

Favorite ‘90s trend that you would/still rock today?
Nicole: Girl power, scrunchies, and light-up shoes.
Rachel: Kinderwhore fashion – babydoll dresses, knee-high socks, barrettes, Mary Jane shoes.

Tell us about the new record, what went into making Almost Famous?
Nicole: A lot of anxiety, a lot of scribbling, chugging beers for vocal performance
Rachel: Throwing up in the studio. Crying and drinking lots of vanilla lattes.

There is an unspoken bond among BFFs. What is something you would totally only do for each other and no one else?
Nicole: Be in a two-piece band! It’s a crazy thing to do
Rachel: I would do anything for Nicole. She’s more than my BFF, she’s basically my sister.

What were your myspace profile songs from back in the day?
Nicole: Bright Eyes “Lover I Don’t Have To Love”
Rachel: Rilo Kiley “Does He Love You?”

If you were doing a girl power caravan tour, which other talented ladies would you bring along with you?
Nicole & Rachel: Marisa Dabice (Mannequin Pussy), Olivia Scibelli (Idle Bloom), Lelah Maupin, Bree McKenna, Emily Nokes (Tacocat), Harmony Lebel-Tividad, Cleo Tucker (Girlpool), Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz), Mitski, Colleen Green, Robin Edwards (Lisa Prank), Ali Koehler (Upset), Kate Berlant, Beth Stelling, Faye Orlove, Shana Sadeghi-Ray, Grace Miceli… we’re gonna need the Spice World bus.

Galore Mag - Slutever - Almost Famous - Nicole Snyder -Rachel Gagliardi - Spice World - Baby

Name some things you love as much as selfie sticks.
Nicole: Cooking and Taylor Swift.
Rachel: Reality television, reading, and thrift shopping.

Galore Mag - Slutever - Almost Famous - Nicole Snyder -Rachel Gagliardi

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