6 Slip Dresses Under $100


Last week, I ordered myself the regular Tuesday evening Indian food delivery. For some reason, they took a bit longer than expected and I ended up totally blanking that I even ordered myself food. I was sprawled out on my bed, butt naked, and about four seconds away from drifting into a very deep sleep. Then, a knock at my door and memory was restored. The delivery man knocked once to wake me up, twice to get me up, and then by the aggressive third knock, I could tell he was losing all of his waiting patience. Still naked, I frantically searched for some sort of comfy cozy in my closet, and ended up reaching for my Reformation slip dress. Then, it hit me. Well, I grabbed my food and then it hit me. My black slip dress is my best friend, literally.

A slip dress can be casual for your delivery man, accessorized for your fabulous job, and even fancified for your sexy dinner date. Really, you could sleep in it and then the next day get married in it. We all tend to have that special one hanging in our closets, some short, some long, some silk and some even cotton. Hell, maybe you own about twenty variations of the same black slip dress. Something every girl has in common? We all have that special ONE we love more than we love most people. Okay, maybe you aren’t at that much of an extreme, but think about all the different occasions your slip dress has stood by your side. I remember one week I wore mine to a Sandro party, wore it to the post office with a baggy denim jacket over it, and then wore it to my friend’s house where we sat on the couch and took a three hour nap. During that weird time of fashion lacking inspiration, my little black number saved me from looking like a hot mess.

Whether you dress it down or dress it up, it is important to never forget its ominous possibilities. If your special one happens to be too silky and too expensive, I’ve rounded up 6 of the best slip dresses under $100 so you can experiment in styling it for the occasion of your choosing. I am encouraging you all to try yours out in as many ways that you can possibly think of.

galore mag_topshop_zaraTopshop Wet-Look Lace Hem Slip Dress & Zara Lingerie Style Dress
galore_mag_motelrocks_asosMotel Rocks Meadow Slip Dress & Asos Layered Cami Dress
galore_mag_nastygalNasty Gal Higher Ground Dress & Nasty Gal Evan Lurex Slip Dress

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