7 Tips on Slaying Life Like the Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Immigration Ban

On Friday afternoon, Donald Trump decided it would be a great idea to sign an executive order banning immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries, effective immediately.

A lot of Americans disagreed and thought that was a bad idea.

But while all you or I could do was protest or donate to the ACLU, four female federal judges actually had the power to do something about it — and did!

First among them was Ann Donnelly.

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On Saturday night, Ann Donnelly ruled that sending immigrants back to the countries they came from could cause “irreparable harm,” allowing countless detainees to remain in the United States and have a chance at being released.

While not all of us have it in us to become federal judges, here are seven secrets I’ve gleaned from Ann’s life that can help us all slay life, even in the age of Donald Trump.

1. Stand up to fascism!!!

Ann Donnelly saw something she thought was unconstitutional and instead of just tweeting about it or mass-texting her friends with a crying emoji face, she went to work to do everything she could to halt it from being implemented.

Don’t stand idly by and let Donald push his backwards agenda without a fight.

2. Network, network, network

It’s a sad fact of life that no matter how qualified you are for a job, if you don’t have the right connections, you’re gonna have to work 10x harder to get it.

Especially as a woman.

So do yourself a favor and network your butt off.

Ann Donnelly’s close family friend is Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, who personally recommended her to Obama.

So do yourself a favor and make nice with the people around you in your field because you never know who’s gonna come in handy in the future.

3. Don’t let your inexperience stop you from speaking up

Ann Donnelly only became a federal judge in 2015, but she didn’t let her relatively bottom of the totem pole status get in the way of making the call she thought was right. Even if you’re relatively new in your job, speak tf up when something’s wrong.


4. Have patience when it comes to you career

Ann Donnelly worked in the New York County District Attorney’s Office for 25 FRICKIN YEARS before she became a judge. And then she had to wait another 6 years before she got her appointment as a federal judge.

Sometimes you just have to have a little patience.

Just because the high-profile job you deserve doesn’t get handed to you instantly doesn’t mean it won’t ever come your way.

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5. If you’re considering a career in musical theatre, don’t!

Back when Ann was in college, she starred in her school’s rousing production of “Pippin,” but then according to the Washington Post, she quickly came to her senses.

If only some of my friends could follow her example.

6. Stay calm

During Donnelly’s time as just a regular old judge in Brooklyn, one of her colleagues described her as “the calm center of the spinning wheel” to the New York Times.

She went on to win one of her first major cases, which just goes to show that you don’t have to be the center of attention to be low key killing it at work.

7. Move to Brooklyn

Ann grew up in Ohio, went to Michigan for college, but like countless other college graduates, had the BRILLIANT idea to move to Brooklyn where rent is actually affordable and there are bodegas around every corner.

Don’t let all the hipsters and Jersey City apologists fool you, kids.

Brooklyn’s still the way to go.

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