Slasher Girl: Rachael Russell On How She’s Successfully Merged Her Passions

Slasher Girl will be sharing with us their fave girls at the forefront of balancing multiple talents!


For our latest Slasher Girl interview we chat it up with international charity founder and celebrity fashion stylist, Rachael Russell. Miss Russell talks to us about how she created career by merging her passions.

Slashes: Fashion Stylist / Charity Founder / World Traveler

Let’s start with how I first met you ­ as a stylist. Actually, you had already started Style Saves but within our relationship I knew you as the stylist I wanted to learn everything from. When and why did you start styling?
I’m trying to change the world, one outfit at a time.

Now you are a stylist with FORD and collaborate on many fashion related projects. What is your favorite part about being a stylist?
I like being challenged creatively by working on such a variety of projects, ranging from ad campaigns to fashion show production.

What trends are you excited about right now?
At the moment, I’m really into XXL coats, knits and sneakers.

You went to fashion school in Milan. How important do you feel that experience was for your work? Do you recommend doing a fashion program to aspiring stylists?
In my opinion, the best education is to travel. If you’re in fashion, studying in one of the major fashion capitals should be mandatory.

I want to get into your charity work. What is Style Saves all about?
Style Saves is a non-profit that raises funds through various fashion focused and social events in order to provide underprivileged students with brand-new clothing, shoes, and accessories.

By using my own and my teams’ collective industry backgrounds to generate this project, Style Saves seeks donations from fashion aficionados, patrons and philanthropists within the community. We work directly with retail stores, designers and boutiques to provide students with brand-new outfits.


Your team has raised over $160,000 this year, dressed over 850 kids for the first day of school and has expanded with missions in Peru, Indonesia and Nicaragua. The work is so inspiring. When you started Style Saves, did you envision being able to make such a big difference so quickly?
No, my intentions going into it were not to have an international foundation, but to personally be able to give back on my terms. The fact that it caught so many peoples attention gives me the motivation to continue to make it grow.

As a stylist and the founder of Style Saves you have created such an interesting combination of charity work and fashion. Tell me a bit about how you have merged your passions into a career.
After working in the fashion industry for several years, I felt inspired to form a non-profit organization that could enable those less fortunate to experience the physical positivity that comes from wearing new clothing and accessories.

Specifically, I aspired to help underprivileged students feel as self-confident as the models and celebrities I dress. With the help of my media and fashion industry friends, Style Saves was formed.

Any new slashes you are working on adding to the RR skill set?
Yes, I’m working on business development in Miami for a NY PR firm called The Eighth Floor.

I can’t leave without asking you about travel. Following your adventures across the globe on instagram can leave me with a serious case of FOMO! Where is your favorite destination currently and what location is next on your list?

My favorite place in the world is Blue Point Beach in Uluwatu, Bali. I’m heading to Cape Town or India within the next few months.

What is your spirit animal?
The world.


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