Slasher Girl: Muriel Villera Can Not Only Act, But Pour Wine Real Well

Slasher Girl will be sharing with us their fave girls at the forefront of balancing multiple talents!


For our latest Slasher Girl interview, we chat it up with model/actress Muriel Villera! This talented beauty talks about her passions, advice for breaking into the industry and a few of her favorite things.

Slashes: Model / Actress

What are your passions?
What I am blessed to do everyday! Acting and modeling mean the world to me. I have been wanting to do both since I can remember. Other than that I really love cooking and hearing people brag about my food.

You recently were on set filming an episode of NCISLA playing a super hot bartender. Have you ever tended bar in real life?
No, I haven’t but I always thought it would be cool to do for a day or two. I would probably break a bottle or two, though!

What’s your go-to drink to make?
I am not really much of a drink maker but I am awesome at pouring Sauvignon Blanc.

As a model, what is your favorite part of being on set?
My favorite part of being on set as a model has to be that last look when you realize you were a blank canvas who now is the projection of a vision of a client. Through the hair, makeup and styling, it’s just a great feeling to know that you brought art to life.

When did you start acting?
I began acting September 2013 and I have been hooked ever since.

Who are your role models?
Sofia Vergara and Cameron Diaz because being beautiful and funny has to be the coolest thing ever.

What advice do you have for aspiring model/actresses out there?
I know it gets tough being in this industry but if you ever question it and have
other “back up plans,” you really are not giving it 100 percent. You have to live and breathe this. Don’t ever quit if it truly is what makes you happy.

What’s your favorite movie?
Sex and the City 2 – I am such a “big” fan of the entire series but this second part of the movie just proves how strong their love was despite all the drama and mistakes they forgave each
other and were more in love than ever.

Favorite fashion ad campaign?
Gucci Resort 2010

What is your spirit animal?
An elephantThey are a symbol of strength, patience and loyalty.


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