Slasher Girl: Maria Lankina Shows Us Her World Full of Art

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Slashes: Artist / Photographer / Art Director / Reality TV star

When it comes to being a Slasher Girl in Miami, Maria Lankina is a prime example. We talked with the artist / photographer / reality tv star about her inspirations and life as an artist.

Your mixed media work is so colorful and beautiful. I love the way you mix fashion photography and fine art. What inspired this type of work you do?
It’s a symbiotic mix. Great fashion photography and fashion are art forms and art is simply the expression of an artist choosing a particular medium to express themselves and world around them. It was without a doubt bound to happen that two would passionately live together. Not a question of how, but rather of when.

Marrying my insatiable appetite for creating art and my intuition as a creative director lead me to my current work. The first takes care of the choice of colors and specific tools I use and the other unites the overall conscious idea. The impact of the two together creates an emotional charge.

What came first artist or photography?
Artist. I have always been creative from a young age, I used to improvise jazz lyrics with my brother playing piano at age four.


You were on the Bravo TV show, Miami Social, a reality series following the lives of young, interesting Miami locals. How was that experience for you?
Miami Social was fun and completely unexpected. Opportunities like that fall on my lap and despite my earlier resistance I know to practice the YES attitude. If I don’t have to talk myself into doing something it’s a green light to doing it. Miami Social was a learning experience. In retrospect I know now, regardless of the fact that I came out on screen as a wholesome person, I do wish I was taking more risks in opening up about my personal life. I do have stories to tell and I know that to dig deeper into your life’s events, it opens up incredible stories within. I learned that the time to learn to love yourself is NOW.

What is a typical day in Miami for you?
In Miami I take it somewhat slow ( ha, at least I think so). I watch sunrise and write in my INTENT journal about the life I see myself living. Mornings are filled with dealing with clients for image licensing, planning photoshoots and discussing the
opportunities for showing my work. Paperwork basically. I take breaks to daydream, have coffee and read what I wrote in my journal. I have an app that reminds me to keep focus on my intent. Evenings usually reserved for catching up with friends, a good book or a movie at Miami Beach Cinematheque and painting. Nights is when I edit images from day’s shoots and work on my websites and social media profiles scheduling updates. I fall asleep reading my journal and writing down what had been accomplished and how I feel.
It’s another story when I travel to New York. I love fast pace and constantly being busy. It’s my life juice. When I am in Miami I sprinkle my life with tons of activities with sun breaks to feel the rhythm is gives me the feeling of success and happiness. Here in Miami rhythm is more conscious.


Do you have a favorite place you like to shoot in Miami?
I like to think that there are plenty of undiscovered future favorite places to shoot in Miami! I have an app for that too. The one place I haven’t utilized yet but want to is the area with beautiful metal wired sculptures with flowers growing through them intertwined by the New World Symphony. I am working on book about beauty, youth, culture and the vibrant residents of Miami. It will also have factual information on places within Miami.

What is inspiring you currently?
Life. Always. My soul. I recently started the practice of taking myself away from the avalanche of oncoming information to have moments of contemplation to allow the SELF to create without influence. There were times when I wouldn’t allow myself to follow my own lead and my mind would find lots of reasons not to follow my intuition. TODAY I practice listening to my inner voice. Seeing how others respond is a puresatisfaction and exhilarating.

Who inspires you?
My daughter Angelika. She has lived in 9 different countries and has experienced life from many angles. Her innate talent to see beyond what eyes see and crystallize it in her writing is truly inspiring. My mom who I now understand so well and is the most inspiring woman of all to me. The author, Gregory JR Colbert, and his incredible body of work ASHES AND SNOW. He is a very present inspiration. I have recently discovered him and amongst my eternal gratitude for moments like this, when I learn I am not alone in the way I feel the world and that there are people who I can learn so much from. His
work is very palpable. You FEEL and SENSE and RESPOND the moment you see it. It is divine. Visionary Nick Knight and the people he chooses to work with, founder of Diesel Renzo Rosso, many incredible fashion designers, art lovers and supporters. Intelligence of the soul and mind inspire me in people. In Miami, every time I watch sunset or sunrise inspires me. Every single time. That feeling that fills your lungs with freedom and intent, knowing I can do whatever I want.

Words to live by?
Remembering that I am the creator of my own reality.

What’s your spirit animal?


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