SKYN Study Says That Stoners Have Better Days & More Lays

Haven’t we all been attracted to a cliche “stoner dude” at some point in our lives? Whether it was the local weed dealer in high school, that tatted hottie that worked at your college pizza shop, or the dude with “420” in his Tinder profile, we’ve all had our moments. Sometimes, these THC infused romances ended in our favor (free bud whenever we wanted), and sometimes they burned out (no pun intended). Either way, it seems that the smoosh session was always pretty good, and according to a new study, there may be a reason behind that.

SKYN Condoms conducted a huge survey this year in which they asked millennials (ages 18-34) about their lust and lifestyle habits. The findings showed that avid weed smokers generally have better and more active love lives.

First off, people who smoke weed every day also have more afternoon delights. When surveyed about how often they have sex, 14% of responders who smoke weed daily claimed that they have sex “several times per day,” whereas only 5% of non-smokers get busy quite as often.

Not only are stoners getting busy more often, they’re getting busy with more partners. While 37% of smokers reported having hooked up with 15 + partners, only 14% of non-smokers reported having over 15 sexual partners. Going hand in hand with this, 80% of smokers have had a one night stand, whereas only 52% of non-smokers reported having a one night stand.

Smokers tend to have lost their virginities at a younger age, 59% lost their v-card at age 15 or younger compared to 26% of non-smokers. Smokers are also more confident in bed, as 59% of smokers rated themselves as “excellent” or “very good” in bed, whereas only 41% of non-smokers gave themselves this rating.

Lastly, people who smoke weed are less likely to use condoms, and more likely to use dating apps. While this sounds a bit like a recipe for disaster, I don’t think we can blame our recent rise in STDs solely on weed-smokers.

Whether weed smokers really have better bangs is still unclear, but they definitely seem to have more bangs. However, we think these statistics may be attributed to a few factors. First, the earlier you smoke weed, the earlier you are likely to experiment with other things, such as hookups. Additionally, the more of a “party lifestyle” you participate in, the more likely you are to have one night stands and more sexual partners. Smoking weed won’t magically lead you to a better love life, but we can all agree that high sex is way better than drunk sex, right?

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