Sky Ferreira’s New Video “I Blame Myself”

Sky Ferreira’s new video for her vintage pop single “I Blame Myself” is a quintessential ode to the California thug life. With Ferreira dressed up in a Joan Jett hairstyle, punky leather jacket and sexy opaque tights, Ferreira looks like the stylish badass we know her to be. Her video is just as stylish and unique as she is, backed up by some very talented male dancers and a graffiti covered skate park, here are some things we love about the new video.


You can watch the video HERE

The Big Reveal
When you see the leather jacket and hoodie wearing thug approaching her fellow gangsta you know all hell is about to break loose but you don’t know that it is Sky Ferreira who is about to bring it. We love the pan down to her very female legs and the way that the opposing mob bows to her feminine wiles. It’s clear it is Sky who is in charge in this neighborhood.

The Fashion
In this gritty California suburb, Ferreira’s pretty punk look fits in surprisingly well. We love the mix of leather jackets and combat boots paired with the decidedly lady like patterned blouses. And of course Sky’s signature cat eyes.

The Moves
Where did she find these fine male dancers? The throwback dance coordination harkens back to the days when Madonna’s moves were known for their rhythmic perfection and twerking had not yet been invented (not that we have anything against twerking-maybe for Sky’s next video?).

The End
Trust Sky to seduce her captors into distraction while she plans her big prison break. The cliffhanger ending promises more fabulously hard core videos to come. We hope those male backup dancers are included in the sequel!

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