Skullcandy Launches #THATSBADASS Campaign With Kate Nash And Alexandra Mandelkorn

In its most recent campaign called #THATSBADASS, Skullcandy has tapped our very own West Coast Fashion Director, Alexandra Mandelkorn, and her best-friend/client and one of our fave Galore Girls, Miss Kate Nash.

Alexandra and Kate have been working together for almost 5 years now, and they’ve developed a very special bond that goes far beyond the typical stylist and client relationship. The two have become the very best friends, standing by each other’s side during some of the most wonderfully exciting, as well as some of the most heartbreaking moments of life. They’ve pushed each other to be their best, even when the going gets tough. Why? Because they believe in each other, and know that they both have incredible voices and ideas that the world must hear. Working at a high level in both of their fields, they’ve chosen to break the molds of whats expected, regardless of what anyone else tells them to do. Because of this, Skullcandy thought they would be a perfect fit for the #THATSBADASS campaign.

The idea behind the #THATSBADASS campaign, is to break the stereotype and redefine what it means to be a badass. Whether a girl is a coder, activist, scientist, entrepreneur, artist, athlete, or musician, a badass is a woman who is brave, follows her dreams, and doesn’t care what others think. Both Alexandra and Kate are constantly pushing boundaries, whether it be through music, fashion, written word, photography, public speaking, community collaboration, or anything else. More importantly, they do so from a place of love and compassion for themselves, their peers and the beautiful blue planet they live on.


Check out the full article on to see more video and images of Alexandra and Kate!

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