The Craziest Places We’ve Hooked Up

We’ve been anticipating the release of Skizzy Mars The Red Balloon Project, and he’s given us a little something to hold us over- and make us jealous. The video for “Do You There” supplies us with all the things we love; hot babes (i.e.:Stacey Hash), warm beaches, and sexy swimsuits, not to mention that the song is pretty damn sexy on its own.

While listening to this song on repeat for the past couple days, it got us thinking about the craziest places we’ve hooked up, here are some of our favorite stories that we collected:

“Me and my boyfriend used to hook up in the family bathroom at the mall when we were in high school, we really just had nowhere else to go. It would get a little awkward when we would come out disheveled and a real family was waiting outside.” – Hannah C.


“My boyfriend and I hooked up on a mini-golf course. It wasn’t quite spring time so the course wasn’t open yet, but there were still people around for sure. We just picked one side of the prop mountain on the course and had at it.” – Amanda U.


“I went to a party on a yacht for a fraternity and I was really drunk and having sex on a yacht was on my bucket list, so I got on the boat and the first dude I saw that I knew, I was like, “you, me, lets go” I didn’t even say hi, literally dragged him to the bathroom. Then we got yelled at by the yacht servants for locking the bathroom since it was a bathroom with stalls.” – Maddie M.

“My Dad taught in my high school and once during my lunch break I did it like 30 feet from his classroom while he was teaching, we were literally f***ing on the stairwell because everyone else was at lunch.” – Matt F.


“My high school boyfriend and I did it in the laundry room at a ski resort while on a trip with his parents, the laundry room was public and the door didn’t lock.. but we were some horny ass teenagers.” – Scarlett T.


“I met this Irish guy at the beach one summer and we once did it  in his condo’s elevator- while it was moving.” – Sabine B.


“My man and I were going to my school’s homecoming concert and had to pee, but the line was so long so we ended up going to the Engineering building to use the bathroom… then literally ended up banging on a sink.” – Lori R.


“I went to boarding school for high school so all hook ups were in classrooms or woods or locker rooms… teachers would always find condoms in classroom trashcans and lose it. Everyone’s biggest fear was getting walked in on by, like, your latin teacher or something with your titties out. I lost my v-card in a wrestling locker room and thought it was “romantic” that my bf laid out a blanket on the ground.” – Britney W.

“Me and this chick left a party drunk and wandered back into the woods behind the yard to do it, we didn’t have a blanket or anything so it was uncomfortable as hell. We started with her on top and I made her roll over so I could be on top because there was this big ass root under my back and it hurt. She ended up getting bit by like 40 ants…” – Greg B.


“We were hiking a mountain called “Look-Out Mountain”, when we got to the top the view was so awesome that I pretty much demanded my bf to do it with me, even though he was nervous he would run into someone from his church hiking up the mountain.” – Jennifer K.


“My boyfriend and I used to always do it in this park when we were younger, once I was on my back while he fingered me and a Cop came up to us and threatened to arrest us. I had to awkwardly assemble myself while he questioned me to make sure I wasn’t being raped..”- Annie T.


“My by and I had been drinking all day and were walking home when we saw a garage open with a Ferrari in it, and we just decided to do it on it.” – Megan F.


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