Skintology Spa Delivers The City’s Most Needed Kind of Facial

In New York, it’s hard not to feel defeated when the harsh winds and dry air of winter sets in, making your life just that much harder. And it’s your skin takes the worst kind of beating—the environment wreaks havoc, leaving our faces dry, feeling tight, flaky, and a lot more sensitive. With a whole new list of complaints due to my winter skin, I booked the Oxygen Facial at Skintology, a spa that I’d heard delivers facials, laser therapies, medical procedures, and body treatments. Upon entering, Lola Babynuk greeted me, and immediately let me know that the multi-step facial would be tailored to my needs and preferences. “My skin is sensitive,” I told her. First, she cleansed my skin thoroughly with Skinceuticals LHA Cleaning Gel, and exclaimed, “You do have sensitive skin!” Next, she dabbed on Skinceuticals Rexturing Activator, while steaming my skin with three types of vitamins. She only did a few extractions, letting me know the entire time that she’d help make sure my skin wasn’t irritated afterwards. Afterwards, Lola rubbed on a revitalizing mask containing Revitalin, which strengthens the skin’s natural ability to protect itself from any damaging effects of the environment. The finishing touch? She used an Azulene mask that would calm down any irritations. I walked out looking and feeling radiant, and prepared to deal with any weather that came my way.

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