Your Guide To Skinny Drinking

We love alcohol. But we also love our tight bikini bodies. While we want to party every night and get wasted off our faces, we know booze calories are one thing that can make you fat as f*** without you even realizing it.


I have first hand experience with this matter: when I started college, it was the first time my parents were not constantly on my ass about curfew, where I was going and who I was with. Naturally, I went a little cray cray, drinking every single night. The result of my #nodaysoff bender? By Christmas break, I was 50 lbs heavier and it SHOWED. I felt like crap and I had 3 choices: tone it down, stop eating, or figure out a way to drink without the calories. Obviously, there’s no way to drink without any calories at all (the tampon soaked in vodka idea is not a good one), but that sounded like the best option to me. Here’s a guide to our favorite types of grown-up juice so you can get drunk as efficiently as possible without sacrificing your figure.


Here’s how to use the guide: the higher percent alcohol, the better. It means you’re drinking less while getting more wasted. Compared to the calories per serving, you can decide which you would rather: a can of beer with only 4% alcohol but 102 calories? Or a shot of Everclear with twice the cals but 20 times the amount of alcohol? Study up and drink smart!

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