Sizzy Rocket Is The Only Pop Star Who Says ‘Fear Turns Me On’

 In a world of Caitlyn Jenners and Rachel Dolezals, the conversation about sexuality has become a source of public confusion—and indie pop singer Sizzy Rocket has arrived to make it that much more complicated. Her song “Bestie” has made waves for her lyrics with a narrative unsettling in that might be all too familiar: two girlfriends are having a sleepover after one girl’s breakup, they’re watching Netflix (as Sizzy does, see below) and then…one wants to fuck the other one. What happens next? Stay tuned. 

Galore: Your video for “Bestie” is so relevant, considering all the conversations about sexuality in the media right now. What were some of the factors that helped shape the way you relate to sexuality?

Sizzy Rocket: Thank you! I’ve always been inspired by strong women in pop culture that don’t succumb to the pressure of labeling themselves or their identity just so other people can feel comfortable. That’s why I like to say that I’m queer, fluid, constantly evolving. Peaches is one of my favorite artists because her music is fun and clever, but at the same time she’s raising all of these questions about sex, what it means to be empowered, what it means as a female to take on a masculine role and be attracted to women. I’m also so inspired by club kids, like Leigh Bowery and Brooke Candy types, who bring this bizarre terror into the conversation with the presentation of their sexuality. Fear turns me on. 

 Who are some female musicians that have influenced your own work?

SR: I love Joan Jett, Peaches, Princess Superstar, and of course, Katy Perry. She’s my fairy pop mother. But if you go through my records you’ll find I am mostly inspired by male rock stars like Jack White, Queen, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Lou Reed, and Sid Vicious. I don’t know why that is—maybe it’s the way they carry themselves…they’re immortal and infallible. It was possible to maintain some ambiguity when all of those artists were coming up, when punk was coming up because the internet didn’t exist yet and I think that’s what I’m drawn to.

Love Madonna? Hate Madonna?

SR: As a pop female solo artist it’s impossible to not have been influenced by Madonna. I doubt she gives a fuck what I think.

What’s a typical night hanging out with you and your ‘besties’?

SR: I know I’m supposed to be a rock star and everything but I have a love affair with Netflix and my perfect night with my bestie involves matching pajamas, a pillow fight, a pizza, and a whole ‘lotta Orange is the new black.

How are you celebrating Pride?

SR: I may go out and celebrate Pride but I get super weirded out by crowds. I’m better on stage in front of one. 

Tell us some of your favorite beauty products.

SR: I wear fake eyelashes almost everyday even if I’m just going to the grocery store. Eyelure is the best. Also that Urban Decay glitter liner is a must, I usually pile craft store glitter on top of it around the corners of my eye. It’s my signature. I just want John Vaccaro to be proud.

“My sex playlist is bomb AF. Lots of FKA Twigs and James Blake…Flume is on there. I’m a hopeless romantic.”

What’s your biggest turn-off?

SR: Its very difficult to turn me off, but I would say ego is a big one. Also, a dirty apartment…like, do your dishes.

Have you had any notably shit Tinder experiences?

SR: I refuse to meet my significant other on Tinder so I never got one—I just think it’s the least romantic way to meet someone. I want people to ask how I met my love and for us to tell this wild magical story, not just be like – oh, we met on Tinder. Like its a fucking app for god’s sake.

Did you watch 50 Shades of Grey?

SR: I haven’t! I’m so bad at watching movies. I’ve probably seen the weirdest underground cult documentary, but like, I still haven’t even watched the Titanic. Oops.

What’s your favorite song to have sex to?

SR: My sex playlist is bomb AF. Lots of FKA Twigs and James Blake…Flume is on there. I’m a hopeless romantic.

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