6 reasons to do the big chop and go natural

The. Big. Chop. Three words that have haunted women who want to try out the natural hair lifestyle for ages.

Even though it can be hard to part ways from your long hair, the benefits for cutting off your hair totally outweigh the struggles.

City Curl Studio stylist Melissa Hernandez (here is her fabulous IG FILLED with her beautiful before and after curly haircuts) tells us what it is like to help curly haired women through a big chop:

“Never a dull moment when a big chop is in session,” she said. “It is the most uplifting experience for the client and stylist. Usually I find that when the client is ready to let go of those ends whether it be because of damaged hair or just embracing a new them it’s always a ‘Wow’ moment.”

And it’s not just about the look.

“Big chops leave a life long mark on a client,” she said. “Some clients continue to maintain the shorter do and others decide to begin the grow out. Either way it’s a huge change and leaves them with a whole new outlook on life!”

Read on to see six reasons why you might want to give the big chop a spin.

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1. Dead weight? GONE

Say it with me now, MY DEAD ENDS ARE THE ONLY THING WEIGHING MY HAIR DOWN. I’m telling you from personal experience, once you cut off the damaged ends of your hair, you will definitely feel much lighter and freer. Now you might miss the length of your hair, but your hair will definitely show how much it appreciates the chop by growing like sunflowers!

2. New styles

You want cute lil afropuffs? Go ahead! Want to try out Bantu knots now? Do it! You can now do endless diverse hairstyles! You can also experiment with you hair products to see which products work for you. THERE IS LITERALLY NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN TRY AND DO WITH YOUR HAIR!!

3. Time saver

The beauty of short hair is you can put in your fav hair products and just go! Naturals tend to call this a wash-and-go, and it is the most efficient, time-saving style you can ever do. Also for those with a TWA (teeny-weenie afro), styling your hair can be a breeze with accessories like head bands, hair scarves, and hair bows.

4. You can easily grow it back

Hair always grows, whether you see it or not. I’m not going to bullshit you, you will definitely miss the length AT FIRST. However, three months after you chop off your hair, the amount of hair you will grow will be ASTOUNDING!!!

5. Healthy texture

It feels soooooooooo good getting rid of that damaged texture feeling from your hair.

“Being a curly hair specialist I often cross paths with big chops especially with clients transitioning to bring back their curls,” Melissa says. Women who typically transition from straight hair to their natural texture end up losing their patience working with their dead ends and want to work with something fresh.

Once the damaged hair is gone, you will have new hair to play with. It will feel uber-soft and healthy.


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Hair is a funny thing, especially curly hair. It never seems to grow but secretly, it is growing faster than you think. Women with 3b to 4c hair texture (here is how you find your own hair texture) deal with shrinkage, which can make it seem like the hair is super short.

However, once you stretch out the shrinkage, the hair will seem to stretch for days. Hair will always grow back, and once your curly hair is healthy it will grow back faster than you realize. Just keep the faith and some patience and I promise you, your curly hair will reward you ten-fold.

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