Six Instagram Accounts To Start Following In 2016

While for some of us, spending less time on Instagram may have found its way onto our list of New Year’s Resolutions, let’s be real, nothing comes between a girl and her Instagram feed, not even the half-naked body in bed with us.  Instead of fighting it, here’s 6 Instagram accounts you need to start following in 2016. 

Stella Maxwell


With her toned limbs, killer cheekbones and piercing blue eyes, Stella Maxwell makes the perfect Victoria’s Secret Angel.  While her Instagram is packed with the kinds of sexy catalogue photos you’d find under your little brother’s bed, it’s also packed with snaps of the blonde beauty being a goofball with her famous friends, which include Miley Cyrus, Bella Hadid and Lily Rose Depp.  Some girls just have everything, don’t they?



All photos via Stella Maxwell



Watts.On is like the Tumblr account you always dreamed of finding, only on Instagram.  Filled with fashion stills, plenty of skin, and all of your favorite models, if you’re not following Watts.On, you’re doing Instagram wrong. 



All photos via Watts.On.  

Arvida Byström


Photographer, model and and online princess Arvida Byoström has made a name for herself by challenging the norm.  Tackling feminism, online culture and sexuality through an endless stream of pastel-tinted photos and selfies, Arvida creates images that celebrate a brand of female sexuality that has nothing to do with the male gaze. 



All photos via Arvida Byström.

Sami Miró


Sami Miró isn’t your average model who just so happens to be dating a famous actor you’ve probably grown up having a crush on, she’s also Instagram famous in her own right.  In addition to having a masters degree the San Francisco native has built a name for herself as a vintage curator, and her Instagram feed is filled with outfits that walk the line between crazy, sexy and cool. 



All photos via Sami Miró.

Zoe Elyse


Zoe Elyse doesn’t look like your average model.  Like Kate Moss before her, she’s one of the shortest working models around her – not that she’s let a handful of inches get between her and booking the job.  Whether she’s wearing Valfre or O Mighty, the blonde beauty with a pitch perfect pout is a welcome addition to any Instagram feed. 



All photos via Zoe Elyse.  

Violet Chachki


Violet Chachki is the fetish queen you never knew was missing from your life.    On last season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, not only did Violet walk away with the crown but she also won the title of ‘Shadiest Queen’.  While in some circles this could be seen as a personality flaw, in our books it’s a compliment of the highest degree.  Proving the old adage true that beauty is pain, Violet’s Instagram is filled with ball gags, whips and waist cinchers that would put the Kardashians to shame. 



All photos via Violet Chachki.  


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