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Sita Abellan is the girl genius behind Heavy Pop Market, a Milan based flea market where music, style, and good vibes meld into one venue. Sita happens to be well informed about all of those three things, so we asked her some questions about creating Heavy Pop Market, her most played tunes, stylistic influences and, since it’s Friday, the best places to turn up in NYC, LA, and Milan.


What is Heavy Pop Market and what inspired you to create it?

Heavy Pop Market is a second hand and vintage market that my boyfriend and I created a year ago. Everyone that comes to our market can buy or sell clothes, listen to cool music, have fun, and have a drink. My idea was to merge fashion, art, music and, of course, entertainment. It is the perfect place to have fun and chill with your friends. We use different locations all over Milan!

What are some awesome clubs we should hit up in Italy, LA, and New York?

In Milan I like Void, Akeem of Zamunda and DUDE. In New York, a place to have so so so much fun that I love is STRUST! Another beautiful place to go would be Paul’s Baby Grand in LA, it’s Heaven.

Do you dress differently depending on the city you are in, and how?

I don’t think I dress up differently depending on the city I am in, because sometimes I dress myself not thinking of where I am. But in each place, I feel differently, which sometimes makes me dress differently. My outfits depend on how I feel.

What has been the biggest influence on your style?

Everything that has been around me all my life influences myself and the way I dress. I don’t have anyone I can say is my icon, but truth is, I am currently in love with 15 years ago Marilyn Manson.

You’re also a model and a DJ. Do you have a playlist to get you hyped up for photoshoots and what’s on it?

I am really up for the music that the team wants to listen to on photoshoots. I always let the people play whatever they want, especially if they don’t want to listen to some techno. But yeah, what I play during photoshoot depends on everyone’s mood.

What has been the biggest influence on your music?

Since I am obsessed with techno, I think my prince is Ben Klock.


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