Girl Rapper Sirah Tells Us All About Her Drake Fantasies & Tour Life Must Haves

Cool girl rapper Sirah definitely has a presence about her. She’s energetic, honest, and overall – a true artist. She just released a brand new track titled “Notorious” that happens to be completely different from her previous sound. We decided we needed to know what inspired her new direction. See Sirah talk new music, Drake, rap scene obstacles, and her tour-life must haves below.


Photo By Angelo Kritikos

You recently released a track called “Notorious” which is different from your previous sound. What inspired this new direction? 

I wrote “Notorious” because I was feeling nostalgic about growing up in New York. It was an attempt to explain who I am, what I came from, and where I fit in. People don’t believe what they can’t understand. I think I’m hard to understand, so with Notorious I just kind of embraced all of me. Pretty much everyone who heard it said that this is the Sirah they knew.

Your new EP High Beams is expected to release this Spring. Is there a favorite track you’ve made thus far? 

I think “Crash” is probably my favorite song on there. It’s possibly the most personal. I’ve probably listened to it 200 times, I don’t know if that’s weird.

Do you have any special collabs on the new EP?

More so producer collaborations, but I’m holding out for that Drake feature. Someone tell Drake to holler at me.

What are some obstacles you’ve faced coming up in the rap scene?

ALL OBSTACLES. I’ve been doing this for 10 years. I’ve gotten booed off stage, been shot at, gotten robbed, been homeless, dealt with sexism, racism etc. When I say it all like that it makes me wonder why I did it, but I love it more than anything. It was all worth it, but it’s been real.

Where do you feel the most creatively fulfilled? Is it writing, producing, performing, or making visuals? 

All of the above. Painting, writing stories, I just love making art. I even love developing other artists. If I had to pick one, I’d pick performing. But I love doing everything, sometimes I wish I didn’t though so that I could be reigned in.

What is something the world doesn’t know about SIRAH?

I know how to make drums and rattles from my time growing up on a reservation. I don’t know if that’s epic enough.

What are your three on-tour must haves?

1. Dry shampoo

2. Portable speakers

3. Wifi 

What are your 2015 resolutions?

World domination. 

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