Single on V-Day? Get an Invisible Boyfriend (This is Not a Joke)

Don’t you ever wish you could have a relationship- without the actual relationship? Sure, the cute texts, bragging rights, and sex are great. But we could do without the fighting, jealousy, and endless farts/football watching. Thanks to, you can! (well.. kind of)

Invisible Boyfriend (or girlfriend) is a service that provides you with all the tools you need to convince your friends, family, or crush that you’ve got somebody to love (even though you don’t).


While at first glance this might seem a little pathetic… haven’t you ever asked a friend to be your “fake boyfriend” when you needed a date to Thanksgiving dinner, a way to avoid a creeper, or a way to get back at your ex? This is that- without the hassle and with all the proof! Just 24.99 will get you 100 texts (from REAL people, not robots), 10 voicemails, and one handwritten note (way better than your last real boyfriend).

As a bonus, if you want to be someone’s fake boyfriend/girlfriend, you can submit your photo on the site! Although, knowing how small of a world it is, I just know somehow it would come back to you… (P.S. I did it anyways).


Users of the site claim that the site has helped them “practice texting with a real person” (isn’t that what Tinder is for?), “avoid questions from intrusive relatives” (okay… maybe I’ll invest after all), and to lock down the REAL people they are seeing (hey jealousy). Well, I’ve always preferred real men, after all, they seem pretty easy to get these days with all the dating sites available. But to each his own, and what they don’t know won’t hurt them…

I will warn you, the site says no sexting… sorry 🙁

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