These celebs will be single this Valentine’s day

A concept: Valentine’s Day, except you don’t have to put up with anyone’s BS and you get to eat all of the chocolate yourself.

This dream scenario is in fact a reality for these celebrities, who are coming into 2018, single, something-else-that-rhymes-with-single, and bilingual (shout out to Emma Watson).

For these lovely ladies, Valentine’s day is just a day of self-love.

Dua Lipa

Mark this one with a little question mark ?*, but sadly, we’re pretty sure the British singer and her old BF Paul Jason Klein are no more. That said, Dua is newly single, thriving and killing the game in every way shape and form right now. It’s safe to say she’ll have a good Valentine’s day.

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Kendall Jenner


The model is definitely good at keeping her personal life relatively lowkey. As far as we know, Jenner isn’t with anyone at the moment, and will likely ring in V-day at Fashion Week. There are worse ways to spend February 14th.

Naya Rivera

Damnnn is right. We see ya, Naya. Her recent split with Ryan Dorsey doesn’t seem to be raining on her parade! Here’s to hoping Rivera spends Feb 14th taking more fire pics like these to bless us all with.

Bella Hadid

We all know Hadid has her on-again, off-again thing with The Weeknd, but it’s definitely been off for a while. Regardless, Bella is living her fullest life as per usual, and just recently unveiled her new British Vogue cover.

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is somebody who always seems to be single but also always seems to be dating someone, know what I mean? All well and good, but it’s been a while since we’ve heard about a new beau in Taylor’s life. Knowing Taylor, she’ll probably ring in Valentine’s day with 75 of her closest friends. There were rumors of a secret British rando, but we’ll believe it when she confirms it.

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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been killing it lately, in every single department. She’s been doing awesome work with fabletics, keeps dropping boppy tunes, and looks amazing while doing so.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is no longer with Meek Mill (which may or may not confirm Drake’s presence in the illuminati, just kidding, but seriously). Nicki’s been a bit MIA on social media lately, and some fans have voiced concerns that Minaj hasn’t posted anything to her Instagram since December 30 of last year. But she’s killing the game as she does, and is likely just busy working with artists like Cardi B on her world domination. We think she’s doing just fine.

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Alexis Ren


After a very public relationship and an equally public split with now ex-boyfriend surfer dude Jay Alvarrez, Alexis has laid low with regard to her love life. From what we know, there’s no serious relationship that Ren is currently involved with, so it looks like she’ll be joining the rest of us this Valentine’s day.

Emma Watson


Emma Watson is incredible. It’s clear that she’s always regarded her education and professional life very highly, and we haven’t gotten word about Watson and a long-term lover as of yet. This Valentine’s day, Watson will be engaged in badassery of some sort, that’s or certain.

Cara Delevingne


Cara Delevingne has been in some pretty high profile relationships (do the names Stella Maxwell or St Vincent mean anything to you?) but word on the street is that she’s single again and taking some time for herself. Who knows, perhaps we’ll be seeing more of her this year now that she presumably has more time to focus on her acting and modeling pursuits.

Whether you’re celebrating solo or with a significant someone (those alliterations were all the satisfaction I need this Valentine’s day) don’t forget to take time to prioritize looking after yourself first.

Oh and pro tip… buy a backup box of chocolates, JIC.

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