Single And Loving That Shit


Who said being single was bad? When my friend’s found out that my boyfriend and I broke up I received so many hugs and get better soon texts that you would have thought I was just released from the hospital.

But still, instead of all the sympathy, I wish someone gave me a f***ing high five for dodging a bullet. Or maybe threw me a kick-ass single party as opposed to recommending sad chick flicks and the best brand of tissues that wouldn’t hurt my nose. Because being single isn’t a sad thing and there are a few perks that come along with the title.

1. You Don’t Have To Report To Anyone

Going out for a night on the town aka getting sloppy drunk with your baddest bitches until the sunrises? Well you go right on ahead because you don’t have to send out a text every hour or so to say you’re okay until you start misspelling and get in trouble for being too drunk. Also, you don’t have to constantly update anyone with your whereabouts  or who you’re with.


2. You Can Leave On A Moment’s Notice

If you’re friends are planning a last minute trip to go to AC or Connecticut or wherever it may be and you have one hour to decide, well you better pack your f***ing bag. Especially with summer coming up around the corner, you can take as many unplanned trips to the beach with girlfriends and tan your ass away while you stare at cute surfers.

3. You Don’t Have To Adjust Your Schedule

Maybe you got a new job, but your man works nights as a bartender. Before, you would feel f***ed and try to arrange something so the two of you are still able to see each other as much as possible, but if you’re single- take that job! You’ll meet someone who is on the same schedule as you soon enough. Maybe at your local happy hour spot.


4. You Can Hang Out With Your Guy Friends

You no longer have to deal with jealous boyfriends who freak out at the slightest text from a boy. If one of your guy friends hits you up to go see a movie or meet up for drinks then you go on right ahead. No more explaining how you know your guy friend, what time you’ll be back, and periodic texts of how everything is going.

5. You Can Pick Where You Want To Eat

No more having to decide on a place that is perfect for the both of you two either. If you want to go to your favorite restaurant to get a grilled cheese, maybe have a drink at the bar, chill out, then you can. Added bonus if the guy next to you at the bar starts up a conversation.

But overall, being single is a time to figure out what you want and love to do and if you waste it moping around your ex then you’re going to miss out on all the other wonderful men who pass you by.

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