Heather LaRose’s new single is about how fake your “real friends” can be

We sat down with singer and songwriter, Heather LaRose, to talk to her about her new single, “Rumors,” the inspiration behind it, and how she will be working with anti-bullying organizations in the near future.

Check out the exclusive interview below!

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Heather at Galore’s Sleepover Party with Flirt Cosmetics

What is “Rumors” all about?

I worked on “Rumors,” with my friends, Gregg Sgar and Matt Pelosi, who happen to be extremely talented musicians. I was in the middle of trying to figure out where my self-worth came from a few months ago. At the time, I was living in LA, and found out just how fake people can be.

There were “friends” who I thought I was super close with, but I found out they weren’t who I thought they were. Behind my back they were saying some of the rudest things; they were just using me to get into parties, taking videos of me while I was getting dressed and sending them around to people, and they were spreading rumors. It really got to me and brought me back to high school, remembering how toxic all of that drama was.

I believe that other people’s words don’t define me, so I wrote “Rumors” to reflect on high school, comparing it to my time in LA. All of the lyrics come from a place where, although what people were saying about me hurt, I knew I was bigger than the names I was being called.

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What is your favorite line from the song?

I would say either, “I was the new girl on the block, pride swallowed like a blue pill,” or, “All of the rumors echo through the night, dress up the truth, and turn it into lies.”

What is your goal for your fans when they hear “Rumors?”

My goal for Rumors is to have people make it their own. Most songs about overcoming negativity and finding your self-worth are overly peppy, which may push people away from a message that they need to hear.

I made sure to pick dark, angsty chords to reflect how I was feeling, and how so many other people unfortunately feel. The chorus is bold and empowering, without sugarcoating the situation. Sometimes you have to face gossip and rumors head on and be louder and stronger then they are.

What is your advice to someone who may be feeling beat down or bullied?

If anyone is getting bullied or put down, I want you to know that you are so much more than the words being said about you. I hope that when you listen to “Rumors,” you feel unstoppable.

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Heather at Galore’s Sleepover Party with Flirt Cosmetics

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What can we expect from you next?

This summer, I’m extremely focused on putting out new music. I’ll be releasing a new single every other month. This past year, I’ve written, learned, and grown so much as an artist and as a person, that I want to share the new material.

I’ll also be performing at events including Miami Swim Week, festivals on the east coast, pop-ups in the Hamptons, and releasing new content online. Outside of music, I’ll be partnering with different mental health organizations and anti-bullying groups to help raise awareness. More details about all of that will be announced soon on my social media!

You can listen to “Rumors,” HERE. Out now.

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