Singer-songwriter Edie Yvonne celebrates her 15th birthday with excellent new single ‘Girl Code’ on 15th birthday.

With her recent releases, Edie Yvonne is positioning herself as the alternative-pop voice of a new generation. ‘Girl Code’ is yet another winner from this rapidly emerging star. 

LA-based singer-songwriter Edie Yvonne shares her latest single, ‘Girl Code,’ on the day she celebrates turning 15. 

For those who have followed Edie’s remarkable career, they’ll have witnessed her rapid rise in 2023. Buoyed the success of several singles, she has repeatedly proven that her youth is a gift that allows her to capture the rawness of what it means to be a teenager in today’s world. Songs like the synth-pop banger ‘Queen Bee,’ the cutting acoustic-rock track ‘In The Rain,’ and the Olivia Rodrigo-esque ‘Darkness Bliss’ have all helped cement her reputation. As well as that, her commitment to releasing one single every month throughout this year has allowed her to continually grow her fanbase, resulting in Edie Yvonne becoming a streaming sensation. 


As well as being a successful singer-songwriter, Edie has also found success in film. In 2016, while still a child, Edie starred in the short film Kitty, directed by Chloe Sevigny. Following this, she later starred in the short films Lola: Girl Got A Gun and At Ease.

Following on from her song ‘Queen Bee,’ which has been called an “adolescent anthem,” ‘Girl Code’ focuses on the artist just as she gets set to start high school. The song is about how friendships change and disintegrate over time – especially at this transitory age – and how profoundly affecting this can be as a teenager. 

‘Girl Code’ is characterized by the incredible sincerity found in Edie’s lyrics and vocals. She seems genuinely cut up by how her once-solid friendship has fallen apart. “You always have my back just to stab it; you go find me a boy just to grab him, fighting in the dark,” she asks rhetorically before admitting sadly, “I don’t know who you are.” Amid all this, there are subtle hints of betrayal, backstabbing, and her ex-friend “dancing round the truth.” Edie’s lingering voice holds it all together (despite her pain). In doing so, that voice captures teenage angst, distilling it into another powerful and relatable pop song. 

‘Girl Code’ marks the first time Edie Yvonne has collaborated with the highly successful producer Rio Root and her first writing collaboration with Maddy Simmen, who has written songs with dozens of successful artists. These new partnerships have helped open Edie to new avenues for her creativity while also helping her maintain her well-polished musical style and aesthetic. 

Alongside the release of her new single, Edie has announced that she’s written a ‘GIRL CODE manifesto,’ which will go together with the song itself. The manifesto aims to “promote kindness and compassion.” 

The artist has also hinted that work continues on her long-awaited debut album.

Photo Credit: @cathrynfarnsworth

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