Singer Sage Boatright dishes her 6 favorite beauty products ever

Sage is many things — singer, actress, and also basically an expert-level makeup artist. Though she’s had no official training, she has been practicing beauty and trying new makeup tips since she was just eleven years old.

Her YouTube channel features pretty amazing makeup transformations including turning herself into a deer, a comic book character, and even a pretty radical looking monster.

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In her new music video for her song “YoPro,” Sage played three different characters: Pink, Blue and Purple for which she designed three beauty looks — complete with wigs — for each one.

You’ve probably seen all the craze about BeautyCon — so for those of us who didn’t get to attend, Sage explored the land of beauty and black hole of products to show us her favorites and also the ones used in the video itself. She also shares her tips on just how to wear blue lipstick without looking like a smurf, and just how much highlighter you should put on for a great daytime lewk.

Her newest single, “Countdown,” was just released on Spotify — and features the pink character on it’s album art. We can’t wait to see what the other characters look like, right? Plus, there are rumors of a brand new edgy and sexy “Green” character that no one has seen yet!

Take a peep at Sage’s Beauty Tips below and get a behind the scenes look in this vid — then head over to your fave beauty shop while rockin’ to “Countdown.”

#1: Soap and Glory XXL Pillow Plump Lip Plumper

I love Soap and Glory so much, and the best way to use it is to first use a good lip scrub to awaken the lips, and then apply S&G XXL Pillow Plump on top for the extra plump-age! Watch out, Kylie Jenner!

#2: Cailyn Cosmetics PURE LUXE Lipstick in shades Jane, Sky Blue, and Pearl Pink

A lot of ladies don’t like to rock a blue lip (or super dark purple lips!) because it can look pretty extra if you aren’t careful — one tip when going for a blue lip is to keep the eye natural. A nice bronze or gold eyeshadow looks awesome with dark lips.

#3: PUR Cosmetics Lashes

I don’t wear lashes too often because my go-to makeup look for everyday is pretty natural. Because of this, I tend to wear fake ones only on special occasions when I want my lashes to be realistic, long lasting, and really sexy. The secret to making lashes look real is to either put them right on your lash line, then lining your eye with black liner, or putting the lashes right under your lash line — when not wearing eyeliner. Also, a great tip for glue is to get one that comes in the form of a wand rather than a squeeze tube — it makes application much easier!

#4: J. Cat Beauty’s “You Glow Girl” Baked Highlighter in shade bella rose

The best way to use highlighter is to use a simple ratio: depending on how natural or glam you’re going should determine how bright your glow should be. If you’re going for a simple look, I’d say only hit the nose, cheekbones, and forehead slightly for a natural, healthy look. The more glam you go, the more product and areas you should apply to!

#5: “OMG!” Pink Hairband

I love cutting and coloring my own bangs so I get exactly what I want! I typically use Manic Panic, but I’ve recently gotten into “Arctic Fox” since they’re colors last longer for me. I loved this hair band because my bangs always get wet and gross when I wash my face, and this holds everything back nicely — it’s also nice to make sure you get the area close to your hairline really clean.

#6: “Hypnotize pallet” by Pinky Rose Cosmetics

The shades don’t have names, but there are two shades that are killer together! One’s a stunning copper with black glitter, and the other’s a gold with black glitter. I really love wearing glitter, but I only do it every now and then since glitter is a bitch to get rid of. When I do use it — I always use Limecrime’s glitter helper beforehand so the glitter doesn’t spread all over throughout the day.

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