Singer Meg Mac’s Shares Her Instant Cure For Fashion Boredom

Meg Mac, Australia’s most buzzworthy breakout artist of 2015, took a break from her European tour to do girl talk with Galore. She spoke about her love for old-school style icons, then transitioned to gossiping about her craziest moments on tour—get ready for more Meg as she breaks into the American pop music scene in 2016!
Galore: What always gets you inspired when you’re feeling bored with style?

Meg Mac: I like to google “Mira Duma style.”

Who are some of your top style icons?

MM: Probably Edith Piaf, she always wore black and it was simple but super dramatic. And lately, for some reason, Elvis Presley’s belts have been inspiring me!

The female music icon with the best sense of fashion in your opinion, and why?

MM: I think what I love about Florence (+ the Machine) is that she is always wearing something that she loves, she looks so comfortable in everything even when they are super dramatic and extraordinary.

Who has the best style of anyone you’ve worked with?

MM: I did a shoot with Vogue Australia earlier this year, it was a special featuring lots of Australian musicians and the stylist was so cool. She was the first person who put a hat on my head and I have been obsessed ever since.

One new piece in your wardrobe that you can’t wait to wear?

MM: I just bought a vintage DKNY gold chain pendant online. Still waiting for it to arrive in Australia, can’t wait to see it, hopefully like it and then wear it!
Favorite city you’ve toured?
MM: My favorite city to play overseas was Atlanta, Georgia. I broke my foot there after a show – so I am not sure why I am saying this. But it is always the first place that comes to mind when I’m asked this question.

Weirdest city/ custom you’ve seen on tour?

MM: The weirdest thing I would see on tour were always the food you could buy in packets or strange souvenirs from the service stations on the highways in the middle of nowhere on our long drives.


You’re currently looking forward to?​


MM: 2016 and recording my new songs for my album.


Photo: Matthew Sprout

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