Meet Singer Hannah Cohen: Queen Of Disco, Heartbreak & Cats

Meet your newest girl crush: Hannah Cohen. Her latest album Pleasure Boy is a stunning narrative through love and heartbreak guided by Hannah’s insanely gorgeous vocals.

Let’s just say, we’re obsessed! We chatted before her headlining show last night in Brooklyn to talk more about getting through the heartbreak, her love of ’70s disco plus we got down and dirty to set the record straight about “faking it” in bed.


Hannah Cohen - Pleasure Boy - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander -  Galore Mag - April 22


Let’s start with heartbreak, which seems to really be at the center of Pleasure Boy. Are you a girl who is more like, “f*** it” and “f*** you” or someone wallows quietly?
I’m kind of both worlds. I tend to brew about things a lot and it takes me a while to get to a point where I’m like, “F*** it, I’m over this.” I’m very loyal as a friend, lover or whatever. I want to give everyone a good chance. Then I get to a point where this is over and done.

What’s the quickest and best way to remedy a heartbreak? I know for me it’s a good ice cream binge and then stepping back into the game with some girl power anthems.
Sometimes when you’re in a relationship you kind of lose yourself: you don’t see your friends anymore and you realize you feel like you don’t have friends anymore. Just getting back to yourself and staying away from partying too much.

That’ll only make you feel worse. Sticking straight with doing yoga and getting back to my center is how I recover. But ice cream doesn’t hurt.

What’s your favorite flavor?
I’m a chocolate girl.

Keep it classic. I have heard people describe your sound as similar to Lana Del Rey or Nancy Sinatra. What would be the best compliment?
I have a hard time describing the genre I am because I don’t really feel like I have a specific genre…I’ve been calling it “torch pop”. Someone called it that because I do a lot of those kind of ballads and I’m okay with that: “torch pop”.

Your video for “Fake It” just made me even more ready for summer vacation. What are some of the destinations on your bucket list?
It’s been a brutal winter, I get it. I would like to go back to Brazil but I’ve been to Brazil a lot. I’d like to go to Cambodia. I’ve never been to Portugal and I would really love to go there…I just want to go somewhere quiet.

I don’t need to be at a beach. I’m not really a beach girl. I’m like, “I don’t want to have sand in my crack.”

FAKE IT by HANNAH COHEN from Oscar Boyson on Vimeo.


Now tell it to me straight: have you ever “faked it” in the bedroom?
I mean…kinda. Not like When Harry Met Sally. Not as full-blown. I’ve faked enjoying myself more than I was but never faking an orgasm. You know that song’s about faking your relationship and yourself but that song’s also about my exotic dancer, stripper friends.

It was inspired by some of my girlfriends. I like that you can take it your own way – if that’s something someone connects with then it’s faking an orgasm, you know?



Who are some of your fashion gods?
I’m pretty eclectic. I have a lot of hand me downs from really nice friends. I like ‘40s and 50’s silhouettes but I also like wearing jumpsuits. I wear a lot of menswear but I’ll also wear an Electric Feathers gown…but I’m kind of all over the place. I love Sharon Stone in Casino. She would be my #1.


Sharon Stone, Casino, Hannah Cohen, Galore Mag


I feel like everyone thinks they were born at the wrong time. When would you have liked to live?
The ‘70s. I probably would have overdosed or something. I would have loved to be a disco, dancing queen.

The internet can provide a lot of info about “Hannah Cohen” but what’s one true thing you want people to know?
That I’m a total f***ing crazy animal lady. I’m a cat woman.


Hannah Cohen - Pleasure Boy - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander -  Galore Mag - April 22

Interview & Photos by: Shannon Kurlander

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