Singer DYLYN Has the Edgy Lana Vibes We Crave

If Lana Del Rey had a darker, edgier-sounding musician sister (assuming it’s possible to sing even edgier and darker love songs about loneliness) than singer/songstress DYLYN is your girl.

Her new single entitled, “Secret,” is a vibey torch song stemming from the feels surrounding infidelity. It’s a happy cross between sultry melody and EDM-like trap beats, which give it that awesome mysterious feel.

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DYLYN gave us the low-down on how the album came about:

“The album was almost done when I had come back to Toronto and I decided it would be good to get one more session in. As I sat in the room, it started pouring out of me… The day I caught my father with another woman. The moments replayed in my head almost everyday since it happened. It felt good to translate my pain to music. It felt good to let go. The song is truly word for word what happened. It was the best therapy I could have ever asked for.”

Check out the new tune here, and follow DYLYN on all the socials.

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