9 signs you’re in an “almost” relationship and how to GTFO

The “almost relationship” refers to that point with someone when you’re not sure to tell people if you’re “sorta” dating someone or not. They are not yours, but you find yourself feeling like they are, yet they might not talk to you for a couple of days.

It’s such an emotionally toxic state to be in. Because really you’re not sure it will ever be more, but you don’t want to have the awkward talk about “what you are” in the fear of ruining whatever it is going on.

It’s not necessarily fuckboys, it’s more the inability to properly communicate emotions from both parties.

What I hope to inspire from this article is to share that it’s healthier to be single and not find yourself in this zone, or if you do, to be the first one to communicate about “what we are.” Not sure if you’re in one? Here are some signs.

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1. You put your other plans with friends on hold to see if he wants to hangout with you.

2. You wait for him to drunk call you to come over after he went out with his friends.

3. You get drunk just so you can drunk dial him.

4. You buy outfits to look good for him or you getting all dolled up when he will probably cancel on the plans last minute.

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5. You plan any of your time around him, especially when he’s not necessarily doing the same.

6. You calculating the time from the last time you sent him a text and he hasn’t replied. When he does text back, you analyze the fuck out of it. 

7. You look at his posts on social media and try to figure out if he’s with other girls. If he is, you get that horrible sinking feeling in your stomach.

8. You post pictures on Instagram and Snapchat and wait for him to see it, for whatever bullshit reassurance.

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9. When you’re together and alone, he does intimate things like kiss your forehead that makes it feel more than just a hookup buddy. You continue to look for that intimacy from him but it’s not always there.

The biggest lesson you need to take is that if someone wanted to talk to you, they would. If they wanted to spend the night on a date or alone with you, they would make time. 

The hardest part is taking these familiar feelings and building up the courage to have the “what are we” conversion. The end result is only positive for you. Ending something toxic with a person who isn’t right for you will only open your doors to bigger and better things.

You deserve someone who is going to go above and beyond for you and do all of the sweet things you would do for them.

Don’t settle for anything that emotionally makes you anxious. 100% do not follow someone you like on social media – it makes it so much better to not track what they are doing. Focus on yourself, your priorities, and your healthy relationships with friends and family member that matter instead of being in an “almost relationship.”

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