6 Signs He Never Cared About You (And Never Will)

1. You Always Hit Him Up First

Make all the excuses you want. Maybe he never has his phone on him or he’s not a “big texter.” Maybe you only text him when you need him (FYI, wanting a snuggle buddy after too many tequila shots doesn’t constitute as need). Regardless, you’re always the one initiating conversation.

2. He Ignores You Until The End Of The Night

Obviously, if the dude you’re getting with is at the bar with his boys, you can’t expect him to spend the night on the dance floor grinding to ‘Talking Body’ with you. That being said, he should still at least check in from time to time to ensure that you’re the one he’s taking home. If he only acknowledges you when it’s closing time and the other chick he was talking to bailed, you’re not his first choice, you’re an afterthought.

3. He’s Always Bailing Last Minute

Guys are idiots, there’s no question there. However, if something is always “coming up” in his schedule whenever you ask him to hang out. He’s not busy, he’s found a better option. Even if he’s not trying to be your boyfriend, a decent person would at least give you a warning before, say, ditching you an hour before your sorority formal.

4. He Never Asks Questions

Well…no questions besides “where are you?” at 2 am. He’s never asking you how you’re doing, how your big work project is going, or what your plans are for the future. If he’s not asking questions, it’s because he doesn’t care– simple as that.

5. He Forgets Everything

Like I said before, there’s no doubt that guys are idiots. But, think about how you can miraculously memorize every lyric on Miley Cyrus’ last album, but can’t remember one simple equation for your accounting exam. You’ll remember the sh*t that you want to remember. It amazes me how guys that I’ve gone out with once can remember my college minor and favorite band, but guys I’ve been hooking up with for months can’t even remember how to spell my name. Newsflash: one gives a sh*t, and one doesn’t.

6. Things Never Change

I’m not saying you should be one of those “fixer” chicks that are always trying to change a guy. But, as a natural progression of a relationship, people change in their ways. If the guy you’re into loves when you wear that lacy bra, you probably start wearing that lacy bra more. Conversely, if a dude realizes that you’re not a fan of going to his place when his room smells like week old beer, he might consider cleaning up. If this guy never changes even the slightest of things to attempt to win you over, you’ve got to face the facts. He’s never changing, and neither is your relationship (or lack thereof).

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