TREND ALERT: You Love Bushy Brows? How Bout Bushy Side Burns?!



The absolute most unexpected fashion week trend has begun popping up on the streets: both Balenciaga and Marni sent models down the runway with old-man sideburns. While most of us have grown to love and covet the perfect bushy eyebrows, did you ever think you’d be jealous of a girl with the sideburns of your oldest and hairiest relative? Me neither. I think most of us love bushy brows because it means doing less eyebrow maintenence. But what about an ugly-pretty trend that you actually must work to achieve? I have yet to experience side burn jealousy, but I would not be surprised if a hundred YouTube makeup tutorials on how to grow your burns in a week or less are posted tomorrow. Because bushy sideburns are apparently the new “it” thing. If you’re not “lucky” enough to have the side burns of Cousin It, gel down the wispy locks of hair that grow over your ears to your cheeks. Don’t forget to pull your hair into a pony to emphasize your proud side burns, and you’ll be all set to be fashion’s newest it-girl.

Left: Marni Right: Balenciaga

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