Sibling Duo Brandon & Savannah Talk X-Mas Wish List, Kanye, And America’s Got Talent!

Don’t let their young faces and Disney-esque demeanor fool you, brother and Sister duo Brandon and Savannah are beyond their years in more ways than one. While the pair have been performing since before they could walk, their big break came in the form of popular talent television show, America’s Got Talent, where they wowed people around the world with their original tunes, high energy performances, and powerful vocals. Despite getting kicked off the show in the season 8 quarterfinals, they have gone on to perform to sold out crowds around the country and have a fan base that trumps most of their older colleague’s. We caught up with the duo before the holiday break to talk everything from New Years resolutions to Christmas wishes to Kanye West. Scroll down for more!
Brandon and Savannah new (leather jacket)

What is like being in a group with your brother/sister? Is there ever any drama?

We have been performing and writing music together all of our lives so being on stage and in a band together is nothing too new for us. It is always an amazing feeling knowing when we get on stage we each have each others’ back. That takes a lot of nerves out of us before shows.

What was your inspiration for Adolescent Summer?

Adolescent Summer has a piece of both of us in it. We put a lot of time and effort in the EP making sure it contained music that would diversify us as artists and also reveal to everyone where we are going with our music. We are very happy with how it came out and are very thankful for all of the wonderful feedback we’ve been getting.

What was your best/worst experience on AGT?

Being a part of Americas Got Talent was an absolute blast. There are so many amazing memories we created throughout the experience overall but our favorite was performing on the Radio City Music Hall stage. It is such a legendary stage with so much history that just standing on it gives you an electric rush through your bones.

Dream music collaboration?

Hmmmm, James Blake for sure, Lorde, Chvrches and Kanye West.

How’s life changed after AGT?

Ever since AGT our life instantly became hectic and busy and we couldn’t be any happier. We are so thankful to have been a part of the show and we are so excited to show everyone what’s in store for the next year. Stay tuned guys!

Adolescent Summer cover

Who are your ultimate celebrity crushes (dead or alive)?

Agh that’s so hard to tell.

Brandon: I’d have to say Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence and some others.
Savannah: I would have to pick Brad Pitt, Austin Butler, Elvis Presley and James Dean.

As young people in the industry, how has growing up in the public eye been?

Growing up while people watch us has been quite a rush. It pushes us to keep developing and becoming better and more experienced artists. We are very appreciative of everyone who has supported and backed us from the start.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

Hmmm, lots of studio equipment for sure, some vinyl, Savannah always asks for clothes.. hahaha. We can both agree that we want equality and peace amongst the world and endless happiness.

Any New Years resolutions?

We will just keep working hard, and developing. 2014 is going to be big year filled with lots of very cool things that we are trying to keep somewhat mysterious… Stay tuned everyone.  Make sure to keep up with us on Twitter: @Branandsav and Facebook: and our website:

Thanks so much! We love you all!!

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