Should You Feel Bad About Giving A Guy Blue Balls?


Have you ever been called a tease?

If you have, you’ve probably also heard a guy bitch about the “blue balls” that you’ve given him. So what’s the deal? Unless you’re incredibly naive, I’m sure that you’ve never let a guy pressure you to f him based on his pleas about his poor balls. If you have… then that should change. Regardless, here are the real facts:

Blue balls is not the lamest excuse that guys use to get us in bed. Why? Because some men do actually experience pain when they get sexually excited and don’t get their nut. However, for some of them, blue balls is just a term they use when they don’t get to hit it.

How many guys actually experience real pain with their blue balls? The answer is unclear (at least, it’s not on the internet anywhere I can find). However, it is clear why the name blue balls is the term appropriated for the feeling. According to Dr. Darius Paduch, professor of urology at Weill Cornell Medical College; the flow of blood to a guy’s genitals during a boner builds up. When this flow isn’t released (by ejaculating), there is pressure on a guy’s balls that causes a minor pain. Sometimes, if the erection is prolonged, balls can gain a bluish tint due to the blood residing there losing oxygen.

Yes, I said minor pain (and I quote Dr. Paduch). Sure, it does suck when you’re up and ready to go and your partner doesn’t want to give you more than an over-the-pants hand job, I get it. But, I’m sure us ladies have all experienced sex where we didn’t get the orgasm that we had hoped for.

If a guy is going to complain about blue balls, let him (I guess). But, if he thinks that you’re going to feel bad and end up going farther with him than you originally planned, he needs a reality check. After all, I’m pretty sure guilt-tripping or begging is one of the least attractive things a guy can do. If he’s a real gentleman, he will never complain about blue balls (at least not to you directly). If guys want us to start complaining about all the times they didn’t make us orgasm, I’m sure we’d be happy to oblige.

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