Should You Play Hard To Get?

Love seems to be one big ol’ game of cat and mouse. When you’re interested in a man it’s as if he doesn’t call as much as you would like him to, he doesn’t seem that into you or his feelings seem like a mystery. But, the guys you aren’t that much into will blow up your phone and treat you like the queen of the universe.

Why is that? It’s so frustrating. Or, initially he treated you like the best thing ever and then when you became more available it all stopped. Funny how that happens, huh? From the few experiences I’ve had it seems as if men enjoy the chase. When I’m nice, ready to cooperate and willing to go out of my way; things change.

They aren’t that pressed to see me, they cancel plans and basically I end up feeling like the last resort. But when I start canceling plans, not texting and basically saying no, they are eager to hit me up or see me. So dumb right? Seems like it’s all a game.

Now, you shouldn’t have to play games to get what you want. But, what happens when what comes naturally happens to be clingy or too available? Or, the guys you like seem to lose interest fast. You might be giving too much too soon. You might have to “play hard to get” (I hate that phrase). Just a tad. 

When it comes to “playing hard to get” you don’t have to build some new bad bitch persona or act completely uninterested or unavailable. I would say just enjoy your life. Do what you want to do. Don’t put all of your hope into this new guy.

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He’s not the only guy on the planet

You’re a single girl. Even though, you’re interested in “boy boy”, go on other dates and meet other people. As females we tend to set our sights on one person that we like. But explore your options. You may meet someone who you like more. And you don’t want to be so hooked on that one guy when he’s out dating other people too. In other words, explore your options and be prepared for disappointment.

Be confident

You are a gorgeous, sex kitten. You’re a dream. You’re beautiful. Everywhere you go people stare. Is there something on your face? Nope, you’re just that damn striking. Confidence attracts men more than anything else so flaunt it. Insecurity is such an ugly trait so you don’t let it show. You can have any man you want.

Don’t be clingy

When you’re clingy you may come off as desperate or crazy. Guys get comfortable fast and you don’t want to be set on the back burner. Like I said, it seems as if men love the chase. Make him wonder what you’re doing. Be some-what of a mystery. Don’t freak out when he doesn’t text you back. It’s really stupid to stress yourself over something like that but a lot of women do. Don’t text him back sometimes. Cancel some plans sometimes. Hang up first. Do you boo. 

Don’t be too available

You don’t want to be at his beck and call. Why should you go by his schedule only? You have things to do too. Why should you have to make time when he doesn’t? Don’t cancel your plans for him. I am telling you, once you come when he says so, it will stay that way. 

You shouldn’t have to play mind games to get what you want or who you want. There are 8 billion people on this planet and “boy boy” isn’t the only guy for you. No matter how hot or interesting a guy is, there is always someone hotter and more interesting. But, “playing hard to get” seems to work some of the time.

Remember, when you’re dating don’t give your all too fast. Be beautiful. Live your life. Don’t be too available. And when it all seems to fail, know that sooner or later the right man will come along.

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