Ask Tinderella: Should I Tell His Girlfriend He’s On Tinder?


Hi Tinderella,

I love reading your blog and I am so happy things are going well between you and the Bro.

I went on a couple Tinder dates and even though things didn’t work out, it didn’t really bother me. However, there is still one thing that really frustrates me. I went out with a guy for about one month and I broke it off when I found out he has a girlfriend. I didn’t confront him in person because it was pretty obvious that he has a long term girlfriend (based on all sources of Facebook information). He told me he recently went to a beach resort and although we are not friends on Facebook, his profile picture changed into him and the girlfriend standing in front of the beach just like any other couple. 

The thing is – this girlfriend is so beautiful and seems to be loved by everyone (including his family). I recently saw that he is on Tinder again with a new account with a fake name. I completely moved on but I feel so bad and I feel like the poor girl deserves to know the truth! They live in different cities so there are plenty opportunities for him to continue to cheat with other girls (who are innocent!). I am wondering what your thoughts are. I guess it is completely none of my business and they could be in an open relationship (I don’t think so because he made it looked like he was single when we went out) but it would be sad to see this beautiful girl marry to this a-hole one of these days. 


Tinderella for Justice

Tinderella for Justice this is actually a matter close to my heart as many friends of mine have been in your shoes (lesson: men ‘r’ scum).Everyone will have different advice for you – this is such a controversial and divisive issue and there is no ‘right’ answer.Here’s my opinion… If you truthfully have ZERO feelings for him, and you really are just trying to save this girl from making a huge mistake, then I think you probably should message her. If I was in her shoes, I would want to know. Be fully prepared, however, for backlash.The girl might blame you, or hound you, or insult you. The guy might diss you, call you a liar and really try to hurt you. By getting in touch with this girl, you are inviting drama and potentially bringing this man back into your life (in a very negative way). Just make sure that you’ve considered all possible outcomes.Also, as you rightly point out, you don’t have all the facts and she could well be aware of his infidelities, but this is unlikely.I really admire you for wanting to expose this guy and save someone else’s heart, he sounds like a total jerk. Let us know what you decide to do – good luck!Tinderella xx

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