Shots Fired At Beyonce From Lily Allen


Lily Allen and Beyonce are two of our favorite badass girls on the scene, but could it be that Lily just threw major shade at Queen B?

Being a gal who isn’t afraid to state her opinion, Lily stated her stance on Tidal, Jay Z’s new streaming service. She raised the question of whether or not Tidal would set back emerging artisits and only benefit millionaire superstars.

But she didn’t waste anytime after addressing her issue to post this picture on her Twitter:



And following this picture she said a few words of her own:


Maybe Lily is referring to the time Bey credited herself as a writer when she only changed a word or two. Or maybe the shots are directed more towards Bey’s hubby? Either way this isn’t the first time Lily has slammed Queen B.

But what do you think? Do you think Lily is throwing shade?

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