Shia LaBeouf And This Little Girl Will Melt Your Cold Grinch Heart

It’s been a little over a week since Shia LaBeouf announced his latest art project titled ” #TOUCHMYSOUL”, in which he and his collaborators operated a hotline and encouraged people to call in and attempt to touch their souls. Even if you’ve been observing LaBeouf at all this year, it’s hard to figure out how you would even attempt to get through to him, he’s pretty much become a total enigma at this point, but a 10-year-old girl managed to elicit tears from LaBeouf. Amelia Poggenpoel and her mother Tor, were in the audience of the performance piece when they were patched through the hotline. Tor recounted the story to the Echo saying “I started talking about Amelia and how proud I am of her and how sometimes I don’t feel that she’s loved enough. I don’t always have attention to give to her when I’m at work or if I’m tired. I got quite emotional talking about it and they then realised I was in the room with them. They took their headsets off and Shia started welling up. I told them that Amelia has an amazing voice, so he asked if she could sing for him. He actually said: ‘You touched my soul’.” Watch the touching moment below and feel your heart thaw out in anticipation for the holiday season.

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