Shay Mitchell will convince you never to wear makeup on a flight again

Shay Mitchell knows a thing or two about travel and beauty. She schools us all on how to roam the world in style on her YouTube channel, Shaycation. And as far as beauty goes, her highlight and contour are forever on point no matter what zip code she’s in.

But when we talked to her at the American Express Blue Delta SkyMiles credit card launch last night, she pretty much convinced us that the best way to keep your skin looking flawless is to keep things as au naturel as possible. The event was also lit, by the way, with selected chefs from all over America presenting mini versions their best dishes โ€” everything from quinoa to cow tongue!

Read on to learn all about her travel beauty routine, vaca tips and what’s motivating her to keep up a plant-based diet.

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So tell us all about your travel beauty staples!

I never leave home without a good hydrating lotion. Your skin, on the airplane, it gets so dry. And when you land it’s a different climate! So I’ll have a good face mask with me, a moisturizing lotion, and you come off the plane looking fresh.

Any favorite brands?

I’m a big fan of what can do it quickest. So Biorรฉ’s self-heating one-minute mask, I’m a big fan of.

Are you a no makeup at the airport girl or do you show up for the flight with a full beat?

No makeup! Because you wear makeup o nthe airplane, you land with a new friend. Maybe you can moisturize, but I think it’s the worst when you travel, especially on a long flight. Your pores just soak in the makeup.

Do you dress up for a flight or sweatpants it up?

I’m more of a layer person because sometimes the plane can be so cold. I like to wear layers so I can take clothes off or put them on depending on the flight.

Have you ever traveled somewhere and felt like your beauty look was totally out of place?

Not really, because if I’m traveling, unless I’m working, I don’t wear much makeup. In a warmer climate, it melts off. So when I travel, I’m a lot more minimal.

Do you have any cool trips coming up?

I just went to Greece and shot a whole Shaycation there. I have a new Shaycation iIll be shooting in India and Istanbul. After that, maybe Bali!

Do you have any advice for people who think they can’t travel?

Do a staycation. Stay in your area or do a road trip. There are so many places, no matter where you live, that you could venture off to that you’ve never been to before.

Which country has your favorite style?

Italy. The men dress so chic, the woman are so sexy in a classy way and it’s just… yeah.

Have you tried the food here tonight?

Not yet, but I wanna go back in there and eat. I’m newly kinda vegetarian and more plant-based, so I’m doing that for at least a little bit.

So many people are trying that lately! Is it because you watched “What the Health”?

Yes, I did! But I’m calling myself a choose-atarian. I’m not saying never will I ever [eat meat], but I’m a lot more choosy.

And finally, what’s your number one travel tip?

Obviously do your research, but I also like to overpack. I’m not afraid to say it. I’m not a light packer, so I always have more than I need because I never know if a trip’s gonna get extended or if I’m gonna end up in another location.

There’s no shame in the overpacking game!

Definitely not.

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