Berlin Babe Shawny Sander On Pink Hair, Grunge, And Not Giving A F-ck

Shawny Sander, self-described music nerd, Galore darling and badass musician, is the walking embodiment of the sentiment ‘pink hair don’t care.’  We talked to the Berlin babe about hair color, fashion, and how at the end of the day, no matter what anybody thinks, you just gotta do you.

First off, what’s it like hearing your own song playing on the radio?

Weird – I still can’t believe it, that “Daddy’s Girl” is playing on the radio. But I’m happy, because there are still people who like to hear music like that. These days it’s quite hard with my style of music, because the people are totally into electronic music. Nevertheless I love my music and lot of people do too, so I’m happy. 😉

How do you think living in Berlin has influenced your sense of style?

Puh, that’s a hard question. I think it’s grungy but not that “dirty and f-cked up” grunge, you know? I like to mix up boyish and grungy things, like an oversize vintage shirt and a ripped pair of jeans with some new chic stuff, like a nice coat or something. Berlin is such an open-minded city, you can wear what you want and the people in Berlin would never say something bad about your outfit, they would probably compliment you. And I think that was the thing that influenced me a lot.  Wear what you want to wear.


And how long have you been moonlighting as a pink panther?

When I was fourteen-years-old I began to experiment with my hair color and I bought some pink hair tinting lotion with my pocket money and threw it into my white hair. At the time, I saw the music video “Come As You Are” from Nirvana, and I was totally into Kurt Cobain’s red/pink hair, so well you know…I just wanted to be him. 😉

I was happy and my mom cried.

When I was seventeen I went back to pink hair. One of the reasons was the movie “Christiane F. – Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo (which for all us non-German speakers translates to Christiane F. – We Children from Bahnhof Zoo) where the main character had red hair too. It’s a German documentary film about the life of Christina F. who is a heroin-addicted girl whose boyfriend is addicted as well. The story plays in the end of the 80’s in Berlin and David Bowie plays himself in it. The movie is quite shocking when you see it for the first time, especially when you’re young, but it also taught me to leave my hands off from drugs. Since I was seventeen-years-old I’ve lived in an off and on relationship with my pink hair. Sometimes paired with a little lilac 😉

What advice do you have for maintaining colored locks?

Sadly I don’t have any concrete advice for maintaining colored hair, because I have to color my hair every third hair wash. It sucks, but I really love my hair color. I’ve tried those color maintaing shampoos for a few times but it doesn’t work for me. I have no idea.

Well, at least you’re honest.  Okay, last but not least, what do you want your tombstone to read?

See you later alligator.


Spoken like a true bad bitch.


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