Shaun Ross stars in a new video that will make you think you’re trippin’ balls

Shaun Ross, the famous model and frequent music video star, has added yet another short form vid appearance to his already impressive résumé.

Shaun’s is no stranger to an elaborate production. Remember his appearance in Katy Perry’s “E.T.”? Or in Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” where he takes on the role of a fashion forward, but vicious pageant director. Or his role in Lana Del Rey’s short film “Tropico,” where he plays a version of the biblical first man, Adam?

In his most recent music video appearance he takes on something completely different.

In What So Not’s video for the song “Trust,” Shaun’s performance may make you feeling like you’re tripping out.

Shaun shared some behind the scenes tidbits and lolz moments from set with us. Check out the interview and the music video below!

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What’s your personal interpretation of the track?

I think of it as a person who doesn’t trust themselves and what they can do. I don’t think it’s more of trusting a lover, even though at first listen that’s kind of what you hear.

When you actually listen to the song, I think it’s more about a person not trusting themselves and what their capabilities are — and are maybe doubting themselves a little bit.

Did you have the freedom to improvise on camera?

Definitely a lot of it was more so initial reactions and we did a lot of takes. It was a simple scene, but it was getting the right angles over and over again, [and] it was definitely a lot of my reactions to the music.

Has this experience made you want to delve deeper into acting?

I’ve done acting in the past. I’m definitely open to it. I’m working on a secret project right now. So, we’ll see.

On a scale from Ashlee Simpson (1) to Britney Spears (10), how good are you at lip synching?

If I know the song, I would say I’m probably as good as Britney Spears.

How professional were you when it came to reacting to trippy effects that weren’t really there (like making out with yourself)? Basically, did you ever start laughing?

Sometimes we would laugh, because they had this boy who kind of has features like me and they put him in a blue screen outfit and they painted his face blue and they painted his lips blue with blue nail polish.

It was so funny and I had to keep making out with him for hours.

How did you prepare for making out with yourself? Was there any romancing involved?

Well, I mean I wasn’t really making out with myself. So, it wasn’t too hard.

If you were to answer an online quiz about your kissing style what do you think the results would say?

Highly recommended.

Do you have any interesting behind the scenes tidbits?

My dog was on set and was barking inside of his little carrying bag because he had FOMO. So, we ended up letting him out and he was running on stage and ended up on shitting on the side somewhere.

How did you know this project was for you?

I kind of knew when they told me all the inspirations they were using like Bjork, and I love Bjork. They took inspiration from Bjork’s “Hunter” video, which I really love. So, things like that let me know because I’ve always really wanted to work with her as well.

To you, what’s the most important thing you can do for maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself?

I think being okay with being by yourself is important. Also, learning how to be intrigued by you and all the things you can provide for yourself.

What celebrity would you (possibly misguidedly) trust with your life?

I would trust Moby. I don’t know, he seems like he’s just fun and not too much — like he could focus on things.

Check out the music video below!

Director | Leticia Dare

Executive Producer | Paddy Scace

Assistant Director/Producer | Leo Volcy

Art Director | Saulo Madrid

Talent | Shaun Ross


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