Galore Crush Shane Burnell Is a Bad Boy with a Good Heart

Here at Galore, we have a thing for bad boys (and we know you do too). The only thing better than a bad boy? A bad boy gone good. We’re giving you a dose of some major sexy this week with model Shane Burnell posing with an adorable baby horse! Once you’re done drooling over the pictures, find out about his first tattoo, what kind of girl he could never date, and how to make him go crazy in bed!
Photo By Tim Köck 
Did you grow up in South Africa, or did you move there? 
I’ve lived in South Africa since day one, moved around a lot, but always lived in the Cape Town- the Mother City and one of the most beautiful places on earth!
What are some things about South Africa that people don’t seem to know?
Well… white people do live here, we speak English as well as 10 other languages (not everyone can speak them all though) …and no, we don’t have lions and wild animals running through our streets like everyone thinks.
When did you get your first tattoo? What is it?
My first tattoo was a kanji which was a random choice by walking into the parlor and choosing it off the flash chart. I was 16 when this happened, but the irony of this kanji was that is meant ‘destiny’ …hence the way that I look today.
Photo By Tim Köck 

When did you decide that you were going to essentially cover yourself in tats?

I’d say from the first tattoo I supposed I was going to get more and then maybe after a few years of getting inked, reality hit and I knew I was going to be covered head to toe.
Do most chicks seem to love it? Do you prefer girls as tatted as you?
t’s a 50/50 idea as some ladies love it, some like it and other don’t at all. I like women with tats of course, although some pull it off and some unfortunately don’t. But this is based on style, good work, and all round tattoo decision choice.
How do you stay in such amazing shape? What’s your workout motivation?
Eating is for the win ! You have to maintain a balanced diet and constant exercise. I always cut out alcohol for a long period of time each year, where I’ll train super hard everyday, eat right and avoid temptations of the party life. I like to party!
Photo By Tim Köck 
You were chosen as one of Cosmo’s “Sexy Men”  for 2015, what do you think makes you so sexy?
I’d say keeping my body in shape, and a good attitude. I treat everyone with respect, and that shows. And the bad boy look of course.
What makes a girl sexy to you?
I like girls who are reserved, quiet, and well dressed. Not revealing themselves too much, but being conservative and well spoken. Obviously they have to have a nice butt and smile.
According to your instagram, you seem to love puppies, would you ever date a girl who didn’t like dogs?
No, I would never date a girl who has a problem with dogs, as I will always have pitbulls with me my whole life. It also shows character when someone loves animals.
What are you doing in your spare time when you’re not busy looking sexy as hell?

These questions make me laugh! I’m working on my brand full time when I’m not shooting. Be it networking, sending photo packages to the industry, and booking friends on cool jobs too. Obviously socializing is a big one here as rep can take you far. Training every moment I get as well.

Photo By Tim Köck 


Fill In The Blank:
If someone was visiting South Africa for the first time, I would make them try our awesome sea food and definitely take them to buy some Urban Fluid Clothing as it’s takin over our country in a big way and is produced by the 3 best guys I know!
Before a shoot, I wake up as early as possible to freshen up and be on point and professional and listen to Gangster Rap of course to get that mood flowing big time to prepare myself.
It drives me crazy (in a good way) when a girl starts tickling my back or anywhere actually, at her own will in bed.
If you asked my last girlfriend about me, she would say I’m an asshole- just kidding. She would say I’m an unconditional lover and I give my all, all the time. As loyal as they come.
The craziest place I’ve had sex is on the beach trying to hide from the public while trying to avoid my ass being shown to the world.
I secretly love to sing out loud and songs that people would never expect to come out of my mouth when no one is around.
First thing on my mind when I wake up is coffee, like the rest of the world.
Photo By Tim Köck 
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