Shan Vincent de Paul Releases His ‘Sex Tape’

“If you were to imagine the album as a film, ‘Buggin” would be the strip club scene,” the Sri-Lankan-born-Toronto-raised artist Shan Vincent De Paul said of his new video. “Buggin” is the third single off Shan’s debut album, to be released in Spring. “I wanted something dark, sexy and minimal to offset some of the more heavy-hearted rap songs on the project.

“It’s my version of a sex-tape,” he went on. “Instead of focusing on the people involved, I wanted to focus on the rhythm of sex, the movement and flow of bodies. It was about zooming in on the details we don’t get to appreciate when you’re in the moment.  That’s the poetic answer. But shit, who am I kidding? it was pretty much an excuse to have sex for an entire day and film it.”

How would Shan spend his Valentine’s Day? “I’m not into the whole flowers and chocolates cheesy romance stuff.  To me V-day is a good time to tune the world out completely and show your partner how much you appreciate them.  Good food, wine, drugs and sex. Who knows, you might even get a “Buggin” video out of it.”

See “Buggin” below, and stay updated with Shan Vincent de Paul on Twitter. 

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